Big Trouble In Little China [Collector's Edition]

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"A wholly enjoyable mixture of action, comedy, romance and horror." – Scott Weinberg,

Kurt Russell stars as Jack Burton, a tough-talking truck driver whose life goes into a supernatural tailspin when his best friend's fiancée is kidnapped in John Carpenter's Big Trouble In Little China. Jack suddenly finds himself in a murky, danger-filled world beneath San Francisco's Chinatown, where Lo Pan, a 2,000-year-old magician, mercilessly rules an empire of spirits. Facing down a host of unearthly terrors, Jack battles through Lo Pan's dark domain in a full-throttle, action-riddled ride to rescue the girl. Also starring James Hong, Kim Cattrall and Dennis Dun, this special effects-filled spectacle is a non-stop thrill ride to an incredible finish!

Why We Love It

“Its bonus features are hard to beat. HEARTILY RECOMMENDED to Carpenter connoisseurs!” – Dr. Stephen Larson,

“If you’re a Big Trouble in Little China fan, you’ll want to run, not walk, to a store, online or otherwise, and snap up this jam-packed two-disc Collector’s Edition from Shout! Factory.” – Brad Cook, Flickering Myth

“Beloved for its loopy dialogue (courtesy of offbeat screenwriter W.D. Richter) and for the way director Carpenter makes the film into one big video game, with heroes fighting their way through one danger-packed secret lair after another.” – Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times

“You can't go wrong with Big Trouble In Little China. John Carpenter's action opus is a delight of fast fisticuffs with dry quips delivered by a peak form Kurt Russell. It doesn't get much better than a Carpenter/Russell flick and watching this again makes one wish they made more movies together… Your John Carpenter collection isn't complete without Big Trouble In Little China and this new release is Highly Recommended.” – Matthew Hartman, High-Def Digest

“It’s a highly satisfying release” – Tim Salmons, The Digital Bits

“While John Carpenter has crafted many revered films, Big Trouble in Little China stands out as perhaps his most unabashedly fun venture. A rollicking action adventure, showcasing a game Kurt Russell throwing his bravado against mythical monstrosities. Shout Factory has put together a release that truly celebrates a film worthy of its cult status.” – Jon Partridge, CINAPSE

Bonus Features for Blu-ray


  • NEW Audio Commentary With Producer Larry Franco
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Special Effects Artist Steve Johnson, Moderated By filmmaker Anthony C. Ferrante
  • Audio Commentary With Director John Carpenter And Actor Kurt Russell
  • Isolated Score
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • TV Spots
  • Vintage Audio Interview With John Carpenter
  • Electronic Press Kit – Interviews And Profiles
  • Gag Reel
  • Music Video
  • Deleted And Extended Scenes
  • Extended Ending
  • Photo Galleries – Movie Stills, Posters, Lobby cards, Publicity Photos, And Behind-the-scenes Photos


  • NEW You’re The Hero – An Interview With Actor Dennis Dun
  • NEW The Soul Of Lo Pan – An Interview With Actor James Hong
  • NEW Able To Be Myself – An Interview With Actor Donald Li
  • NEW The Tao Of Thunder – An Interview With Actor Carter Wong
  • NEW The Tao Of Rain – An Interview With Actor Peter Kwong
  • NEW The Hatchet Man Speaks – An Interview With Actor Al Leong
  • NEW Damn Wiley Prescott – An Interview With Writer W.D. Richter
  • NEW It Was A Western Ghost Story – An Interview With Writer Gary Goldman
  • NEW The Poetry Of Motion – An Interview With Associate Producer/Martial Arts Choreographer James Lew
  • NEW Into The Mystic Night – An Interview With The Coupe De Ville’s Member Nick Castle
  • NEW Since We Were Kids – An Interview With Second Unit Director/The Coupe De Ville’s Member Tommy Lee Wallace
  • NEW Love And Art – A Conversation With Movie Poster Artist Drew Struzan
  • Return To Little China – An Interview With Director John Carpenter
  • Being Jack Burton – An Interview With Actor Kurt Russell
  • Carpenter And I – An Interview With Director Of Photography Dean Cundey
  • Producing Big Trouble – An Interview With Producer Larry Franco
  • Staging Big Trouble – An Interview With Stuntman Jeff Imada
  • Interview With Visual Effects Artist Richard Edlund
  • Vintage Featurette

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100 min
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