Battle Beyond the Stars [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

James Horner
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Special Offer: This exclusive Ice Blue/Laserblaster Pink colored vinyl is a limited edition of 1,000 units.

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Description is proud to present the first vinyl re-release in over 40 years of James Horner’s epic space opera score, now in an expanded collector’s edition as part of our dive into Horner’s work for Roger Corman! (Check out our Humanoids From the Deep vinyl as well).

Jimmy T. Murakami & Roger Corman directed this outer space fantasy in the wake of the exploding popularity of Star Wars and the many imitations that followed. Drawing inspiration from the famous Seven Samurai and Magnificent Seven feature films, the script from John Sayles now set the action in outer space, with Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, John Saxon, Sybil Danning starring and George Peppard grabbing the spotlight as “Cowboy”. Initially released through Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, the movie was a modest box office hit and provided the meeting ground for future collaborators James Cameron (special effects) and James Horner whose composing career was literally just getting underway (bonus points for Bill Paxton on carpentry).

Highlights from this energetic fan-favorite score were released on vinyl in 1980 and re-released numerous times on CD since, but recently discovered session elements containing the entire score showcase stunning clarity and power previously not available. This expanded and remastered score finally shows Battle Beyond The Stars as the clear launchpad for Horner’s breakthrough works Star Trek II, Krull, and Aliens. Bonus track by longtime John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth!

  • All newly-remixed from recently discovered 2” 24-track session elements with crisper and more detailed sound quality.
  • 28 tracks on 2 LPs
  • Spectacular cover art by Hugh Fleming
  • Ice Blue/Laserblaster Pink colored vinyl
  • Behind-The-Scenes gatefold spread
  • Illustrated insert with liner notes from Frank K. DeWald and Intrada’s Douglass Fake.
  • (Each colored vinyl is pressed uniquely and may vary from how it is pictured here)

Disc One, Side A:

  1. Main Title [2:06]
  2. Hammerhead [3:33]
  3. Snipers, Fire! [1:16]
  4. Shad’s Entrance [0:54]
  5. First Flight [3:48]
  6. Hephaestus’s Station [2:53]
  7. First Conversation [4:16]

Disc One, Side B:

  1. Jackers Ahead! [3:33]
  2. The Destruction Of Umateal [1:19]
  3. Nanelia’s Capture [1:26]
  4. We Cruise For Akir! [1:28]
  5. Kidnapped! [1:22]
  6. Nascosto Flyaway [0:26]
  7. Gelt’s Kill [3:32]
  8. Hammerhead Stinger II [0:29]
  9. Love Theme [1:31]

Disc Two, Side C:

  1. The Alarm Sounds [0:38]
  2. Space Battle [4:34]
  3. Battle In The Maze [2:23]
  4. Zed’s Death [3:09]
  5. Gelt Dies [1:27]
  6. Shad And Nanelia [1:25]
  7. Another Space Battle [0:58]

Disc Two, Side: D:

  1. St. Exmin’s Death [1:29]
  2. Cowboy Attacks [1:44]
  3. Destruction Of Hammerhead [5:56]
  4. Epilog / End Title [5:05]
  5. Bonus Track: Gelt’s Chamber Music [1:31]

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