Shane: The Complete Series

Released: March 10, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Saddle up for a small-screen spin on a classic Western tale with Shane: The Complete Series, starring David Carradine ("Kung Fu", Bound For Glory) as a mysterious gunfighter who seeks peace, only to be drawn into the violence of the range wars.

Based on the 1949 novel by Jack Schaefer, which was translated into over thirty languages and inspired the award-winning 1953 film, Shane: The Complete Series, expands upon the well-known story yet also honors the spirit of the source material. Over the course of the series' seventeen episodes, Shane takes on the responsibility of protecting the Starrett homestead from cattleman Rufe Ryker (Bert Freed) - and soon the stoic gunman finds himself forming a deep personal bond with the Starrett family itself.

Originally airing in 1966, this production also stars Jill Ireland and Christopher Shea. Shane: The Complete Series is a fascinating curiosity that Western fans will want to come back to - again and again.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Shane: The Distant Bell
2 Shane: The Hant
3 Shane: The Wild Geese
4 Shane: An Echo Of Anger
5 Shane: The Bitter, The Lonely
6 Shane: Killer In The Valley
7 Shane: Day Of The Hawk
8 Shane: The Other Image
9 Shane: Poor Tom's A-Cold
10 Shane: High Road In Viator
11 Shane: The Day The Wolf Laughed
12 Shane: The Silent Gift
13 Shane: A Long Night Of Mourning
14 Shane: The Big Fifty
15 Shane: The Great Invasion, Part 1
16 Shane: The Great Invasion, Part 2
17 Shane: A Man'd Be Proud
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Shane: The Complete Series

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