A Haunting: In Connecticut / In Georgia

Released: September 4, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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These two A Haunting features are the TRUE stories of unusual happenings and the people affected by them. These supernatural thrillers combine documentary footage with dramatic reenactments, resulting in all too realistic stories! These two episodes were the original pilot episodes for the full series, A Haunting, that went on to air on The Discovery Channel for 4 seasons from 2005-2007.

A Haunting in Connecticut: Ed and Karen Parker rent a rambling old house in Connecticut to be near the hospital where their 14-year-old son Paul is being treated for cancer. The first week they move into the house they notice crucifixes, head tags, coffin keys, and quickly realize the house is an old funeral parlor. What happens in the next four days will chill your heart and make you think twice about locking doors at night!

A Haunting in Georgia: Andy and Lisa Wyrick are concerned about their daughter Heidi’s two imaginary friends; “Mr. Gordy,” an elderly man who pushes her on the swing and “Con,” a younger man Heidi describes as “missing an arm and covered in blood.” Things take even more of a chilling turn when Lisa finds out that the two men once lived in the area and have been dead for years!

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Episode Episode Title
1 A Haunting: A Haunting In Connecticut
2 A Haunting: A Haunting In Georgia

A Haunting: In Connecticut / In Georgia

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