Action-Packed Movie Marathon: Vol. 2 [4 Films] (SOLD OUT)

Released: November 12, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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4X The Action, 4X The Excitement!


1988/Anamorphic Widescreen/Dolby Digital Stereo

A Los Angeles cop/ex-CIA agent Frank "Bulletproof" McBain (Gary Busey) travels across the border to retrieve a top-secret attack vehicle which was hijacked by Russian-backed Libyan terrorists. Darlanne Fluegel (Battle Beyond The Stars) and Henry Silva (Sharky's Machine) also star.


1974/Anamorphic Widescreen/Dolby Digital Mono

An attempt is made by an underworld organization to recover a carved Buddha, in which is hidden a substance powerful enough to control the world. James Iglehart (Savage!) stars in this fast-paced actioner.


1976/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

A Montana rancher (Jim Mitchum, Thunder Road) comes to Los Angeles, searching for his runaway sister (Karen Lamm, The Unseen), who has become entangled in a world of crime, drugs, and prostitution. Erik Estrada (CHiPs), Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction) and Cathy Lee Crosby (Coach) also star.


1976/Full Frame/Dolby Digital Mono

Scorchy (Connie Stevens) is a female undercover agent who will stop at nothing to bust a drug-smuggling ring. She is beautiful, determined, mean and guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Cesare Danova (Animal House), William Smith (Conan The Barbarian) and Greg Evigan (Tek War) also star.

Product Information

Action-Packed Movie Marathon: Vol. 2 [4 Films]

Steve Carver Director
Darlanne Fluegel Actor
Gary Busey Actor
Henry Silva Actor
L.Q. Jones Actor
René Enríquez Actor
Thalmus Rasulala Actor
B.J. Goldman Writer
Fred Olen Ray Writer
T.L. Lankford Writer
Lisa M. Hansen Producer
Paul Hertzberg Producer
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