Arrest & Trial: The Complete Series (SOLD OUT)

Released: November 22, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Before Law & Order, there was Arrest and Trial, NBC’s ground-breaking 1960’s series starring Ben Gazzara and Chuck Connors. Truly ahead of it’s time, Arrest and Trial was a 90-minute show combining elements of police procedural and courtroom drama. In the first half of each episode, Sgt. Nick Anderson (Ben Gazzara) of the LAPD tracked down and arrested a criminal. In the second half, Defense Attorney John Egan (Chuck Connors) worked to set the criminal free. The 90-minute format was unique on television for a dramatic series, and perhaps contributed to the show’s limited airing, but it also made for great television, foreshadowing shows to come, like the popular Law and Order series. This 10 DVD set containing all 30 episodes is faithfully reproduced from the original NBC masters.

Arrest and Trial was written by some of Hollywood’s finest writers, including Larry Cohen (Branded, Phone Booth), and also featured many of television’s best actors, including David Carradine (The Black Flower), Kim Hunter and Joey Heatherton (Some Weeks Are All Mondays), Anne Francis (The Witnesses), Macdonald Carey (Those Which Love Has Made), Nick Adams (A Roll of the Dice), Vera Miles (Journey Into Darkness), Mickey Rooney (Funny Man With A Monkey), Clu Gulager (Run, Little Man, Run), and James McArthur (A Shield is for Hiding Behind).

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Arrest and Trial

Ben Gazzara Det. Sgt. Nick Anderson
Chuck Connors John Egan
Roger Perry Det. Sgt. Dan Kirby
John Larch Deputy DA Jerry Miller, Deputy District Attorney Jerry Miller, Deputy Dist. Atty. Jerry Miller
Don Galloway Mitchell Harris
Joe Higgins Jake Shakespeare, Joe Shakespeare
John Kerr Assistant Deputy District Attorney Barry Pine, ADA Barry Pine, Asst. Deputy Dist. Atty. Barry Pine
Noah Keen Det. Lt. Bone, Det. Lt. Carl Bone, Detective Lt. Carl Bone
Nobuko Miyamoto Janet Okada
Ken Lynch Det. Lt. Tom Handley
David Lowell Rich Director
Jack Smight Director
Lewis Allen Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Alex March Director
Lewis Milestone Director
Ralph Senensky Director
Arthur H. Nadel Director
John Brahm Director
Richard Irving Director
Leon Benson Director
Robert Butler Director
William F. Claxton Director
Alan Crosland Jr. Director
Charles S. Dubin Director
Bernard Girard Director
Herman Hoffman Director
Elliot Silverstein Director
Sydney Pollack Director
Bill S. Ballinger Writer
Franklin Barton Writer
Franklin Barton Writer
Alfred Brenner Writer
Don Brinkley Writer
Don Brinkley Writer
Larry Cohen Writer
Robert J. Crean Writer
Max Ehrlich Writer
Antony Ellis Writer
Richard Fielder Writer
Morton S. Fine Writer
David Friedkin Writer
Aben Kandel Writer
George Kirgo Writer
Richard Levinson Writer
William Link Writer
Ben Maddow Writer
Paul Mason Writer
Paul Mason Writer
John McGreevey Writer
Herb Meadow Writer
Herb Meadow Writer
Herb Meadow Writer
Herb Meadow Writer
Herb Meadow Writer
Jerome Rich Writer
Mark Rodgers Writer
Mark Rodgers Writer
Howard Rodman Writer
Kenneth M. Rosen Writer
Kenneth M. Rosen Writer
Jerome Ross Writer
Jerome Ross Writer
Mann Rubin Writer
Sy Salkowitz Writer
Donald S. Sanford Writer
Barry Trivers Writer
Barry Trivers Writer
Halsted Welles Writer
William Woolfolk Writer
William Woolfolk Writer
William Woolfolk Writer
Frank P. Rosenberg Producer
Frank P. Rosenberg Producer
Arthur H. Nadel Producer
Charles Russell Producer
Seeleg Lester Producer
David Lowell Rich Producer

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