Bagdad Cafe (SOLD OUT)

Released: February 19, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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“An adorable comic fable." -Los Angeles Times

German writer-director Percy Adlon makes a "remarkable" (Boxoffice) American debut with the "charming" (Vogue) Bagdad Café starring CCH Pounder (Avatar) and Jack Palance (City Slickers). Injecting his bold and unique style into a sweet story about the common threads that connect disparate people, Adlon succeeds in creating a cinematic jewel that is both "hilarious and touching" (Los Angeles Times).

Drawn to a pair of lights in the barren American desert sky, a mysterious German woman, Jasmin, stumbles upon a dilapidated motel/diner in the middle of nowhere. Her unusual appearance and demeanor are at first suspicious to Brenda, the exasperated owner who has difficulty making ends meet. But when an unlikely magic sparks between the two women, this lonely desert outpost is transformed into a thriving – and popular – oasis.

Product Information

Bagdad Cafe

Marianne Sägebrecht Jasmin Münchgstettner
CCH Pounder Brenda
Jack Palance Rudi Cox
Christine Kaufmann Debby
Monica Calhoun Phyllis
Darron Flagg Salomo
George Aguilar Cahuenga
G. Smokey Campbell Sal
Hans Stadlbauer Münchgstettner
Alan S. Craig Eric
Percy Adlon Director
Eleonore Adlon Screenplay
Percy Adlon Screenplay
Christopher Doherty Co-writer
Percy Adlon Story
Eleonore Adlon Line Producer
Eleonore Adlon Producer
Percy Adlon Producer
Dietrich von Watzdorf Production Executive: BR

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