Branded: The Complete Series

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In Branded, Chuck Connor's plays the part of Captain Jason McCord, West Point graduate and decorated Cavalry officer. As the sole survivor of the Battle at Bitter Creek, an Apache Indian massacre, he is judged to have deserted the field of battle and is stripped of his rank. He is branded a coward and disgraced in the eyes of the world.

McCord roams the West in search of redemption and justice, for others and ultimately for himself. His exciting travels take him into the lives of many others searching for the dream of the American West. He moves from one town and job to the next, plying his training as an engineer. He always takes the time to lend a hand, to right a wrong and to stand up to injustice. From time to time, President Ulysses S. Grant recruits him for daring undercover missions, which he courageously undertakes, but his disgrace and shame follow him wherever he goes.

Branded first aired in January 1965 and had a very successful two year run. A mark of its success is the number and quality of television stars of the time that appeared in guest roles. They included Alex Cord, Burt Reynolds, Peter Graves, Rod Cameron, Claude Akins, Gene Evans, John Ireland, John Carradine, MacDonald Carey, Cesar Romero, Chad Everett, Marie Windsor, Marilyn Maxwell, Warren Oates, Greg Morris, John Agar, Bruce Dern, Beau Bridges, Lee Van Clef and many more future stars.

Branded is true Western classic and Chuck Connor's as Jason McCord is the epitome of the American spirit; rugged and courageous. He is unafraid to take on any task and through his strength and will, he is able to overcome whatever odds are placed before him.

Bonus Features

  • The Rifleman: "Day Of The Hunter"
  • Four Star Playhouse: "Vote Of Confidence"
  • Chuck Connors Biography
  • Branded Creator Larry Cohen: "A Career And A Coward Are Born"
  • Branded Creator Larry Cohen: "Turmoil On The Set"
  • Branded Creator Larry Cohen: "Life After Branded"

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 Branded: Survival
2 Branded: The Vindicators
3 Branded: The Test
4 Branded: Rules Of The Game
5 Branded: The Bounty
6 Branded: Leap Upon Mountains...
7 Branded: Coward Step Aside
8 Branded: The Mission, Part 1
9 Branded: The Mission, Part 2
10 Branded: The Mission, Part 3
11 Branded: The First Kill
12 Branded: Very Few Heroes
13 Branded: One Way Out
14 Branded: That The Brave Endure
15 Branded: A Taste Of Poison
16 Branded: Price Of A Name
17 Branded: Judge Not
18 Branded: Now Join The Human Race
19 Branded: Mightier Than The Sword
20 Branded: I Killed Jason McCord
21 Branded: The Bar Sinister
22 Branded: Seward's Folly
23 Branded: Salute The Soldier Briefly
24 Branded: The Richest Man In Boot Hill
25 Branded: Fill No Glass For Me, Part 1
26 Branded: Fill No Glass For Me, Part 2
27 Branded: The Greatest Coward On Earth
28 Branded: $10,000 For Durango
29 Branded: Romany Roundup, Part 1
30 Branded: Romany Roundup, Part 2
31 Branded: A Proud Town
32 Branded: The Golden Fleece
33 Branded: The Wolfers
34 Branded: This Stage Of Fools
35 Branded: A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers
36 Branded: McCord's Way
37 Branded: Nice Day For A Hanging
38 Branded: Barbed Wire
39 Branded: Yellow For Courage
40 Branded: Call To Glory, Part 1
41 Branded: Call To Glory, Part 2
42 Branded: Call To Glory, Part 3
43 Branded: The Ghost Of Murietta
44 Branded: The Assassins, Part 1
45 Branded: The Assassins, Part 2
46 Branded: Headed For Doomsday
47 Branded: Cowards Die Many Times
48 Branded: Kellie
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Chuck Connors Jason McCord
Chuck Hamilton Barfly, Townsman, Cowhand
William Bryant President Ulysses S. Grant, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
John Pickard Gen. Phil Sheridan, General Phil Sheridan, Lt. Shanley
John Carradine General Joshua McCord
H.M. Wynant Lionel MacAllister, Brissac
Pete Kellett Bartender, Cowboy, Gil Starrett
Jim Davis James Swaney, Malachi Murdock, Wheeler -
Lee Van Cleef Charlie Yates, Fred Slater
Willard Sage Joe Darcy - Confederate Deserter, Texas Ranger Tuttle, The Major
Larry Peerce Director
Harry Harris Director
Lee H. Katzin Director
Bernard McEveety Director
Allen Reisner Director
Vincent McEveety Director
William Witney Director
Leonard J. Horn Director
Ron Winston Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Joseph H. Lewis Director
Alex March Director
Richard Whorf Director
Marc Daniels Director
Edward Ludwig Director
Larry Cohen Writer
Larry Cohen Writer
Larry Cohen Writer
Jameson Brewer Writer
Jameson Brewer Writer
John Wilder Writer
John Wilder Writer
John Wilder Writer
Jerry Ziegman Writer
Jerry Ziegman Writer
Jerry Ziegman Writer
Frank Chase Writer
Frank Chase Writer
Frederick Louis Fox Writer
Andrew J. Fenady Writer
Nicholas T. Rowe Writer
Lou Shaw Writer
Jerome B. Thomas Writer
Chuck Connors Writer
Frank Paris Writer
Ken Trevey Writer
Richard Carr Writer
Michael Dunn Writer
Paul L. Friedman Writer
Joseph Hoffman Writer
William Marks Writer
Elon Packard Writer
Jack Paritz Writer
Ken Pettus Writer
William Putman Writer
George Schenck Writer
Nat Tanchuck Writer
Peter Barry Writer
Jessica Benson Writer
Borden Chase Writer
Robert Lees Writer
Dann Cahn Producer
Andrew J. Fenady Producer
Andrew J. Fenady Producer
Mark Goodson Producer
Bill Todman Producer
Cecil Barker Producer
Harris Katleman Producer
Harris Katleman Producer
Larry Cohen Producer

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