Contamination .7 (SOLD OUT)

Released: April 18, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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A new kind of monster… A living lethal organism that strikes its victims without warning.

Evil waits in the woods. When a young woman returns to her small hometown, she'll find that one thing has changed a great deal: A local company has been dumping radioactive waste from their nuclear plant… and the spill is turning the local trees into man-eating plants! As the body count rises, a group of townspeople determined to find the root of this problem instead find themselves fighting for their lives!

Contamination .7 has many names. It's also known as Creepers, The Crawlers and Troll 3. The film is directed by Fabrizio Laurenti (Witchery) and stars Mary Sellers (Ghosthouse, Stage Fright).


Bonus Features

  • NEW High-Definition Film Transfer From The Interpositive
  • Trailer

Product Information

Contamination .7

Bubba Reeves Actor
Chelsi Stahr Actor
Fabrizio Laurenti Director
Fabrizio Laurenti Writer
Jason Saucier Actor
Joe D'Amato Director
Joe D'Amato Writer
Joe D'Amato Producer
Mary Sellers Actor
Rossella Drudi Writer
Vince O'Neil Actor
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