Daniel Boone: Season Five [Collector's Edition]

Released: May 2, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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"He was brave, he was fearless, and as tough as a mighty oak tree…"

Fess Parker steps into the rawhide shoes of American hero Daniel Boone again for the fifth season of the beloved classic series. Parker's iconic portrayal of the renowned woodsman perfectly depicted Boone's sense of adventure, homespun wisdom, and can-do attitude — qualities that represented the best of the pioneer spirit upon which a nation was built.

Parker, Patricia Blair, Dallas McKennon, and Darby Hinton are joined by guest stars Kurt Russell, Vincent Price, Burgess Meredith, Ron Howard, Burl Ives and more in this six-disc collection of all twenty-six episodes from the fifth season of the frontier favorite!


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Episode Episode Title
1 Daniel Boone: Be Thankful For The Fickleness Of Women
2 Daniel Boone: The Blackbirder
3 Daniel Boone: The Dandy
4 Daniel Boone: The Fleeing Nuns
5 Daniel Boone: The Plague That Came To Ford's Run
6 Daniel Boone: The Bait
7 Daniel Boone: Big, Black And Out There
8 Daniel Boone: Flag Of Truce
9 Daniel Boone: The Valley Of The Sun
10 Daniel Boone: The Patriot
11 Daniel Boone: The Return Of Sidewinder
12 Daniel Boone: Minnow For A Shark
13 Daniel Boone: To Slay A Giant
14 Daniel Boone: A Tall Tale Of Prater Beaseley
15 Daniel Boone: Copperhead Izzy
16 Daniel Boone: Three Score And Ten
17 Daniel Boone: Jonah
18 Daniel Boone: Bickford's Bridge
19 Daniel Boone: A Touch Of Charity
20 Daniel Boone: For Want Of A Hero
21 Daniel Boone: Love And Equity
22 Daniel Boone: The Allies
23 Daniel Boone: A Man Before His Time
24 Daniel Boone: For A Few Rifles
25 Daniel Boone: Sweet Molly Malone
26 Daniel Boone: A Pinch Of Salt
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Daniel Boone: Season Five [Collector's Edition]

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