Daniel Boone: Season One [Collector's Edition]

Released: April 19, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Following his celebrated turn as Davy Crockett, Fess Parker portrayed another of the American West's most iconic heroes in the beloved Daniel Boone. Airing for six seasons from 1964 to 1970, Daniel Boone follows the frontiersman through his amazing exploits in a still untamed land in the years immediately preceding the American Revolution.

Daniel Boone: Season One features all twenty-nine first-year episodes of the hit series, filled with the thrilling yet wholesome Western adventures that will brings fans and their families to gather around the television set to enjoy again and again. Saddle up! It's time to explore the frontier with Daniel Boone!


Bonus Features

  • Cast Interviews: Working With Animals
  • Cast Interviews: Fess Parker On Being Daniel Boone
  • Cast Interviews: Working With Veronica Cartwright
  • Cast Interviews: Working With Patricia Blair
  • Cast Interviews: A Tribute To Albert Salmi
  • Cast Interviews: Fess Parker On Life After Daniel Boone

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Episode Episode Title
1 Daniel Boone: Ken-Tuck-E
2 Daniel Boone: Tekawitha McLeod
3 Daniel Boone: My Brother's Keeper
4 Daniel Boone: The Family Fluellen
5 Daniel Boone: The Choosing
6 Daniel Boone: Lac Duquesne
7 Daniel Boone: The Sound Of Wings
8 Daniel Boone: A Short Walk To Salem
9 Daniel Boone: The Sisters O'Hannrahan
10 Daniel Boone: Pompey
11 Daniel Boone: Mountain Of The Dead
12 Daniel Boone: Not In Our Stars
13 Daniel Boone: The Hostages
14 Daniel Boone: The Returning
15 Daniel Boone: The Prophet
16 Daniel Boone: The First Stone
17 Daniel Boone: A Place Of 1000 Spirits
18 Daniel Boone: The Sound Of Fear
19 Daniel Boone: The Price Of Friendship
20 Daniel Boone: The Quietists
21 Daniel Boone: The Devil's Four
22 Daniel Boone: The Reunion
23 Daniel Boone: The Ben Franklin Encounter
24 Daniel Boone: Four-Leaf Clover
25 Daniel Boone: Cain's Birthday, Part 1
26 Daniel Boone: Cain's Birthday, Part 2
27 Daniel Boone: Daughter Of The Devil
28 Daniel Boone: Doll Of Sorrow
29 Daniel Boone: The Courtship Of Jericho Jones
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Daniel Boone: Season One [Collector's Edition]

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