Daniel Boone: Season Three [Collector's Edition]

Released: January 24, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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"The rippin'-est, roarin'-est, fightin'-est man the frontier ever knew!"

The legendary Fess Parker returns to tame the American wilderness in the third season of the beloved Daniel Boone. As impeccably portrayed by Parker, Boone's sense of adventure, homespun wisdom, and can-do attitude represented the best of both the pioneer spirit as well as the American ideal during the shows original run from 1964 to 1970.

Cast regulars Parker, Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, and Darby Hinton are joined by guest stars Kurt Russell, Slim Pickens, Jeanne Cooper, Peter Graves, Vic Tayback, Cesar Romero, and more in this six-disc collection of all twenty-eight Season Three episodes of the hit series. Filled with terrific frontier adventure that the whole family can enjoy together, and featuring a classic theme song, Daniel Boone: Season Three is thrilling entertainment ripped from the pages of history.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Daniel Boone: Dan'l Boone Shot A B'ar
2 Daniel Boone: The Allegiances
3 Daniel Boone: Goliath
4 Daniel Boone: Grizzly
5 Daniel Boone: First In War, First In Peace
6 Daniel Boone: Run A Crooked Mile
7 Daniel Boone: The Matchmaker
8 Daniel Boone: Onatha
9 Daniel Boone: The Loser's Race
10 Daniel Boone: The Enchanted Gun
11 Daniel Boone: Requiem For Craw Green
12 Daniel Boone: The Lost Colony
13 Daniel Boone: River Passage
14 Daniel Boone: When A King Is A Pawn
15 Daniel Boone: The Symbol
16 Daniel Boone: The Williamsburg Cannon, Part 1
17 Daniel Boone: The Williamsburg Cannon, Part 2
18 Daniel Boone: The Wolf Man
19 Daniel Boone: The Jasper Ledbedder Story
20 Daniel Boone: When I Became A Man, I Put Away Childish Things
21 Daniel Boone: The Long Way Home
22 Daniel Boone: The Young Ones
23 Daniel Boone: Delo Jones
24 Daniel Boone: The Necklace
25 Daniel Boone: Fort West Point
26 Daniel Boone: Bitter Mission
27 Daniel Boone: Take The Southbound Stage
28 Daniel Boone: The Fallow Land
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Daniel Boone: Season Three [Collector's Edition]

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