Daniel Boone: The Final Season [Collector's Edition]

Released: December 19, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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"What a boon, what a do-er, what a dream come-a-true-er was he!"

Roam the frontier one last time with Fess Parker in the sixth and final season of Daniel Boone, the popular series that entertained millions of viewers hungry for wholesome family entertainment.

Following the iconic American hero on his exploits in the untamed frontier, Daniel Boone also delivered a strong sense of values and common sense to audiences of all ages. Parker and fellow cast members Patricia Blair (as Boone's wife Rebecca) and Darby Hinton (as their son) represented the familial spirit and courage upon which a nation was forged.

Football great Roosevelt Grier joins Daniel Boone's cast for its last season, which also features notable guest appearances from the likes of Roger Miller, Richard Kiel, Cesar Romero, Kurt Russell, James Doohan, Gloria Grahame, Jodie Foster, and more!

Includes all twenty-six episodes.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Daniel Boone: A Very Small Rifle
2 Daniel Boone: The Road To Freedom
3 Daniel Boone: Benvenuto ... Who?
4 Daniel Boone: The Man
5 Daniel Boone: The Printing Press
6 Daniel Boone: The Traitor
7 Daniel Boone: The Grand Alliance
8 Daniel Boone: Target Boone
9 Daniel Boone: A Bearskin For Jamie Blue
10 Daniel Boone: The Cache
11 Daniel Boone: The Terrible Tarbots
12 Daniel Boone: Hannah Comes Home
13 Daniel Boone: An Angel Cried
14 Daniel Boone: Perilous Passage
15 Daniel Boone: The Sunshine Patriots
16 Daniel Boone: Mama Cooper
17 Daniel Boone: Before The Tall Man
18 Daniel Boone: Run For The Money
19 Daniel Boone: A Matter Of Vengeance
20 Daniel Boone: The Landlords
21 Daniel Boone: Readin', Ritin', And Revolt
22 Daniel Boone: Noblesse Oblige
23 Daniel Boone: The Homecoming
24 Daniel Boone: Bringing Up Josh
25 Daniel Boone: How To Become A Goddess
26 Daniel Boone: Israel And Love
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Daniel Boone: The Final Season [Collector's Edition]

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