Deadly Force: Mission Budapest

Released: May 25, 2021 • Available in US
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From the screenwriter of New Police Story comes a thrilling, high-tech action epic in the vein of Wanted and xXx.

Daredevil and extreme sport lover Zhao Feng (Talu Wang) has always lived life on the edge. But when he inadvertently gets caught up in an international illegal trade scheme, that edge has never been thinner. Crossing paths with international Special Agent Bruce (Milla Jovovich), he finds himself recruited by the mysterious and deadly operative to join the shadowy Order of the Phantom Knighthood. Teamed with scrappy police officer Miao Yan, scientist Ding Shan and unemployed doctor LV, Zhao Feng and the others become the Order's newest crime-fighting unit. In company with senior agent Bruce, these four rookies must do battle with die-hard terrorists in this action-packed film.

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The Rookies

Talu Wang Zhao Feng
Sandrine Pinna Miao Yan
Milla Jovovich Bruce
Timmy Xu Ding Shan
David Lee McInnis Iron Fist
Meitong Liu LV
Suet Lam
Danny Kwok-Kwan Chan
Zhan Xiao Xiao feng
Nuo Lu
Alan Yuen Director
Yun Cheung Kong Writer
Xu Lei Writer
Alan Yuen Writer
Tamás Csutak Producer
Attila Juhász Producer
Rosanna Ng Producer
Eleonóra Peták Producer
Melinda Szepesi Producer
Shan Tam Producer
Junzi Wei Producer

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