Deathsport / BattleTruck [Double Feature]

Released: August 3, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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Roger Corman's Cult Classics



One thousand years into the future, following the Great Neutron Wars, the world is divided into desert wastes and isolated city-states. Lord Zirpola captures the notorious "Desert Ranger" Kaz (David Carradine) to fight to the death in his game, Deathsport. Now Kaz must face his past and fight to save himself and his city from the war that Lord Zirpola is about to wage. Costarring with Carradine is beautiful B-movie starlet Claudia Jennings (Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Gator Bait), Jesse Vint (Forbidden World, Macon County Line) and Richard Lynch (The Sword And The Sorcerer, Bad Dreams).


After the Oil Wars, gasoline has become a precious commodity. On his marauding search to commandeer all of the oil in existence to feed his massive, heavily armored battletruck, Colonel Straker (James Wainwright) ravages a peaceful commune. A mysterious man on a motorcycle (Michael Beck, The Warriors) comes to the aid of these peaceful people to help protect them and take down Straker, with the help of his runaway daughter. Also released under the alternate title Warlords Of The Twenty-First Century, BattleTruck costars Bruno Lawrence (The Quiet Earth), Annie McEnroe (Beetlejuice) and John Ratzenberger (Cheers).

Bonus Features


  • Audio Commentary With Co-Director Allan Arkush & Editor Larry Bock
  • Still Gallery
  • Trailer & TV Spots


  • Audio Commentary With Director Harley Cokliss
  • Still Gallery

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Michael Beck Hunter
Annie McEnroe Corlie
James Wainwright Straker
Bruno Lawrence Willie
John Bach Bone
Randy Powell Judd
John Ratzenberger Rusty
Diana Rowan Charlene
Kelly Johnson Alvin
Ross Jolly Shotgun
Harley Cokeliss Director
Michael Abrams Story
Irving Austin Screenplay
John Beech Screenplay
Harley Cokeliss Screenplay
Lloyd Phillips Producer
Robert Whitehouse Producer

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David Carradine Kaz Oshay
Claudia Jennings Deneer
Richard Lynch Ankar Moor
William Smithers Dr. Karl
Will Walker Marcus Karl
David McLean Lord Zirpola
Jesse Vint Polna
H.B. Haggerty Jailer
John Himes Tritan President
Jim Galante Tritan Guard
Allan Arkush Director
Nicholas Niciphor Director
Roger Corman Director
Frances Doel Story
Nicholas Niciphor Screenplay
Donald E. Stewart Screenplay
Roger Corman Producer

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