Death Valley Days: Season One [Collector's Edition]

Released: March 29, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Tales and legends of the Old West come to life in Death Valley Days!

Includes All 18 Episodes

A staple of the Golden Ages of both radio and television, Death Valley Days earns its reputation among true Western fans as one of the most beloved and longest-running Western programs in broadcast history. An anthology series exploring fascinating stories of the American West, its legacy as a true classic is undeniable.

As introduced by "The Old Ranger" (Stanley Andrews), the eighteen episodes within Season One of Death Valley Days present dramatic and powerful narratives based on true events. This grounded approach would set Death Valley Days apart from the more stylized presentations that were more common amongst the series' contemporaries. Top-notch writing, acting, and direction combine to present a vision that respects both the actual men and women who lived in and fought for the glorious Old West, and the intelligence of the audiences at home who tuned in every week.

Retrace the steps of those who won the west today with this amazing collection of some of the finest Western television ever produced.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Death Valley Days: How Death Valley Got Its Name
2 Death Valley Days: She Burns Green
3 Death Valley Days: The Death Valley Kid
4 Death Valley Days: The Lost Pegleg Mine
5 Death Valley Days: The Little Bullfrog Nugget
6 Death Valley Days: Self-Made Man
7 Death Valley Days: The Chivaree
8 Death Valley Days: The Little Dressmaker Of Bodie
9 Death Valley Days: Cynthy's Dream Dress
10 Death Valley Days: The Rival Hash Houses
11 Death Valley Days: The Lady With The Blue Silk Umbrella
12 Death Valley Days: Swamper Ike
13 Death Valley Days: The Bell Of San Gabriel
14 Death Valley Days: Claim Jumpin' Jennie
15 Death Valley Days: The Bandits Of Panamint
16 Death Valley Days: Sego Lilies
17 Death Valley Days: Little Oscar's Millions
18 Death Valley Days: Land Of The Free
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Death Valley Days: Season One [Collector's Edition]

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