Destroyer / Edge Of Sanity [Double Feature] (SOLD OUT)

Released: April 12, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo/1988/NEW HD Transfer

When Ivan Moser (football great Lyle Alzado), a convicted serial killer, is set to be electrocuted, a devastating prison riot erupts on the day of the execution. In the wake of the destruction and mayhem, the prison is shut down and Moser becomes a legend. No proof of his death exists.

Eighteen months later, a film director (Anthony Perkins) intrigued by the legend of Moser, decides to use the prison as a film set. One the last night of filming, the truth of Moser's fate is about to be revealed. The film crew, trapped inside the prison, begin to disappear one by one. This electrifying thriller also stars Deborah Foreman (Valley Girl) and Clayton Rohner (I, Madman).


1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.85:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo/1989/Uncut Version

Anthony Perkins (Psycho) stars as an outwardly rational Dr. Jekyll who rapidly descends into a world of sexual obsession and murder as Mr. Hyde... and who may also be Jack the Ripper! A shocking new twist on one of the most infamous crime stories of all time, this terrifying thriller will keep you on the cutting edge of fear!

After a lab experiment unleashes mysterious fumes, Dr. Henry Jekyll undergoes a horrifying transformation into a savage alter ego who calls himself "Jack Hyde." Meanwhile, the depraved killer Jack the Ripper is slicing his way through the alleys of Whitechapel, leaving mutilated streetwalkers in his wake. Is there a connection between Jekyll/Hyde and Jack the Ripper? And can anyone stop his reign of terror?


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Deborah Foreman Susan Malone
Clayton Rohner David Harris
Lyle Alzado Ivan Moser
Anthony Perkins Robert Edwards
Tobias Anderson Russell
Lannie Garrett Sharon Fox
Jim Turner Rewire
Pat Mahoney Warden Karsh
David Kristin Fingers
Vanessa Townsell Bea
Robert Kirk Director
Peter Garrity Writer
Rex Hauck Writer
Mark W. Rosenbaum Writer
Peter Garrity Producer
Rex Hauck Producer
Joseph Ignat Executive Producer

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Edge of Sanity

Anthony Perkins Dr. Henry Jekyll
Glynis Barber Elisabeth Jekyll
Sarah Maur Thorp Susannah
David Lodge Underwood
Ben Cole Johnny
Ray Jewers Newcomen
Jill Melford Flora
Lisa Davis Maria
Noel Coleman Egglestone
Briony McRoberts Ann Underwood
Gérard Kikoïne Director
J.P. Félix Screenplay
Ron Raley Screenplay
Edward Simons Writer
Robert Louis Stevenson Novel "The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde"
Jacques Fiorentino Producer
Peter A. McRae Executive Producer
Maria Rohm Associate Producer
Edward Simons Producer
James Swann Associate Producer
Harry Alan Towers Producer

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