Dolls [Collector's Edition] (SOLD OUT)

Released: November 11, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Scream Factory
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They're cute, they're cuddly...and they kill! From horror director Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), producer Brian Yuzna (Society) and screenwriter Ed Naha (Troll) comes this "fiendish nightmare" (The Hollywood Reporter) that combines the pint-sized playmates of childhood with bone-chilling fun, resulting in "a bloody bonbon you chew with relish" (Los Angeles Times)!

A precocious girl, her nasty parents, two punk-rock losers and a weak-kneed salesman inadvertently become the guests of two ghoulish senior citizens in their dark, haunted mansion. The old couple makes and collects dolls that, when not sitting still like good little mannequins, creep around in the night, offing the guests one by one! You may laugh at first, but if they turn on you, you'll regret it...for the rest of your short life! Guy Rolfe (Puppet Master III, Mr. Sardonicus), Stephen Lee (Robocop 2) and Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Re-Animator, From Beyond) star in this bloody good terror trap that delivers its frights, fun and fantastic effects in equal measure.

Why We Love It

"With fun if perhaps not Oscar worthy performances and a brisk directorial style, Dolls gets to its (sharp and deadly) point quickly and manages to wrap things up with a bit of fairy tale justice and happily ever after (for those who deserve it, of course). Technical merits are generally very strong, and once again Scream has assembled a very enjoyable supplementary package. Recommended." – Jeffrey Kauffman,

"Every once in a while there is a release that completely exceeds our expectations, Dolls was one of these releases…In acquiring this transfer, Scream Factory really has gone above and beyond what anyone would expect and hope for." – Joe Yanick, Diabolique Magazine

"This is a gorgeous looking transfer that perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere depicted in the movie.  The image is both classically and modernly haunting and spooky." – Brandon Peters, Why So Blu


Bonus Features

  • NEW Toys Of Terror: The Making Of Dolls - An All-New Retrospective Featuring Interviews With Director Stuart Gordon, Producer Brian Yuzna, Stars Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Ian Patrick Williams, Executive Producer Charles Band, And More!
  • Audio Commentary With Director Stuart Gordon And Writer Ed Naha
  • Audio Commentary With Cast Members Stephen Lee, Ian Patrick Wiliams, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon And Carrie Lorraine
  • Storyboard-To-Film Comparison
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Photo Gallery

Product Information


Ian Patrick Williams David Bower
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon Rosemary Bower
Carrie Lorraine Judy Bower
Guy Rolfe Gabriel Hartwicke
Hilary Mason Hilary Hartwicke
Bunty Bailey Isabel Prange
Cassie Stuart Enid
Stephen Lee Ralph Morris
Stuart Gordon Director
Ed Naha Written By
Charles Band Executive Producer
Bruce Cohn Curtis Associate Producer
Debra Dion Associate Producer
Michael Wolf Associate Producer
Brian Yuzna Producer

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