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Based On The Critically Acclaimed Novel By Frank Bill

Three desperate souls must fight their way out of a dead-end world in this bracing, gut-wrenching glimpse into America's dark underbelly. Earl (Jamie Bell, Billy Elliot) is a struggling father and ex-Marine determined to make a better life for his family — no matter what it takes. Angus (Frank Grillo, Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is a violent, unhinged drug dealer who leaves a trail of death and destruction in his wake. And Delia (Margaret Qualley, The Leftovers) is a haunted woman who will do anything to escape a life of crime she can no longer bear. In their kill-or-be-killed world, all roads lead to the Donnybrook: an illicit backwoods cage match where bare-knuckled fighters brawl for a shot at a $100,000 prize. It's either a last-ditch chance at redemption — or a death sentence. Blending unflinching brutality with dreamlike lyricism, screenwriter/director Tim Sutton conjures a mesmerizing, visceral vision of life on the extreme margins.


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Frank Grillo Actor
Margaret Qualley Actor
James Badge Dale Actor
Jamie Bell Actor
Andrew Schwartzberg Executive Producer
David Atlan Jackson Executive Producer
David Lancaster Producer
Frank Bill Writer
Jean-Baptiste Babin Executive Producer
Joel Thibout Executive Producer
Jon Shiffman Executive Producer
Stephanie Wilcox Producer
Tim Sutton Writer
Tim Sutton Director
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