Elizabeth Harvest

Released: December 4, 2018 • Available in US
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"Stylish ... unafraid of sex and violence in ways that reminded me more of those '70s/'80s auteurs than the ones working today." – RogerEbert.com

Nothing is as it seems in this brain-bending plunge into our darkest desires. Elizabeth (Abbey Lee, The Neon Demon), a beautiful young newlywed, arrives at the palatial estate of her brilliant scientist husband Henry (Ciarán Hinds, Justice League). Ensconced in modernist luxury with an obedient — if slightly unsettling — house staff (Carla Gugino, Gerald's Game and Matthew Beard, The Imitation Game), she has seemingly everything she could want. But one mystery tantalizes her: what is behind the locked door to Henry's laboratory that he has forbidden her to enter? When an inquisitive Elizabeth dares to find out, everything she thought she knew about her husband — and about herself — will change. Elizabeth Harvest casts a spell of creeping Gothic menace as it unravels a disturbing tale of identity, obsession, and twisted love.


Bonus Features

  • "Making Of Elizabeth Harvest" Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Product Information

Elizabeth Harvest

Abbey Lee Actor
Ciarán Hinds Actor
Carla Gugino Actor
Matthew Beard Actor
Dylan Baker Actor
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones Producer
Colin Strause Executive Producer
Fred Berger Producer
Greg Strause Executive Producer
Jonathan Deckter Executive Producer
Laure Vaysse Executive Producer
Leon Clarance Producer
Nicolas Chartier Executive Producer
Sebastian Gutierrez Writer
Sebastian Gutierrez Producer
Sebastian Gutierrez Director
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