Released: June 1, 2021 • Available in US
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"An MMA drama with heart, conviction and a killer right-hand jab." – Adam Graham, Detroit News

Raised by an abusive father, Cash (Stephen Dorff) channels his aggression to become a World Champion MMA fighter. Now accustomed to wealth, adulation and global popularity, he faces a new challenge when his second son is born with Williams Syndrome. But this time, rather than stand and fight, he runs. While Cash continues to make his fortune in the ring, his eldest son, Jett (Darren Mann), becomes the caregiver to his younger brother, Quinn (Colin McKenna). When Jett decides to follow in his father's fighting footsteps, he faces his past head on, embarking on a course inevitably pitting father versus son in a battle which, no matter the outcome, neither can win. Director Nick Sarkisov and screenwriter David McKenna (American History X) "give us fully drawn, realistic male characters slugging it out [in] one of the boldest, strongest films of 2020. Really" (Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News).

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Stephen Dorff Cash
Elizabeth Reaser Susan
Donald Faison Mr. Stewart
Karrueche Tran Jade
Saïd Taghmaoui Claude
Darren Mann Jett Boykins
Drew Starkey Tanner Van Holt
Drew Scheid Brian
Ava Capri Keaton Carmichael
Charles Green Male Reporter #1
Nick Sarkisov Director
David McKenna Writer
Maryann Castronovo Producer
Eryl Cochran Producer
Scott LaStaiti Producer
Frank Ragen Producer
Mary C. Russell Producer
Mark Sanger Producer
Nick Sarkisov Producer
Sergey Sarkisov Producer

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