Father Knows Best: Vol. 1

Released: June 17, 2008 • Available in US & Canada
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The very first 7 classic episodes with America's premier sitcom family!

Maybe he didn't always know best, but beginning in 1954 insurance salesman Jim Anderson (Robert Young) of Springfield, Ohio, was America's favorite head of household.

Father Knows Best premiered on CBS in October 1954 and has been part of the American cultural fabric ever since. The program's depiction of a "typical" mid-century, middle-class, Midwestern American family is fondly remembered by those of us lucky enough to come from such families and those of us who longed to. Jim and Margaret Anderson treated their kids with authority, empathy and wisdom. And by the end of every episode, we'd all learned our lesson.

Join Jim and Margaret and Betty, Bud and Kathy in their very first 7 episodes as everyone's favorite '50s family in Father Knows Best.


Bonus Features

  • Daddy's Girls – With Lauren Chapin And Elinor Donahue: All-New Interviews With The Actresses Who Played The Anderson Sisters, Kathy And Betty.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Father Knows Best: Bud Takes Up The Dance
2 Father Knows Best: Lesson In Citizenship
3 Father Knows Best: The Motor Scooter
4 Father Knows Best: Football Tickets
5 Father Knows Best: Live My Own Life
6 Father Knows Best: Grandpa Jim's Rejuvenation
7 Father Knows Best: Bud's Encounter With The Law

Father Knows Best: Vol. 1

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