Ghost Stories: The Complete Series

Released: April 10, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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When the soul of the deceased revisits the living, we call it a ghost.

Sometimes it appears as an ethereal mist or a shadow, sometimes as a vague likeness of the deceased, sometimes as only a sound. Ghost Stories is a drama series about visits from beyond the grave. Forty-four spine tingling episodes of the eerie, the supernatural and the downright unbelievable...but true!

Product Information

Ghost Stories

Rip Torn Narrator
Emilie Jo Tisdale Laura, The Woman in the Rain, Wendy
Will Bond
Matt Caruso
R. Ward Duffy
Megan Gallacher Jessica
Leigh Winter Hronek
Steve Jones Harry Sloan, Lighthouse keeper
M.J. Karmi Dot, Nicole Osborne
John Knox Art Jones, Capt. Tony Dunbar, Doug Swift
Stuart Taylor Director
Jeffrey Fine Director
Greg Francis Director
Joe Wiecha Director
Frank Wayne Director
Robby Henson Director
T.S. O'Kelly Director
Paul B. Margolis Writer
Paul B. Margolis Writer
Paul B. Margolis Writer
Robin Bernheim Writer
Robin Bernheim Writer
Frederick Rappaport Writer
Frederick Rappaport Writer
Frederick Rappaport Writer
Peter M. Lenkov Writer
Steve Brown Writer
Gary Glasberg Writer
James Thorpe Writer
Matt Dearborn Writer
Tim Minear Writer
Bradley Thompson Writer
David Weddle Writer
Nina Berry Writer
Jo Dondis Writer
Eric Estrin Writer
Michele Gendelman Writer
Jonathan Robert Kaplan Writer
David Kemper Writer
Alan Swayze Writer
Alison Lea Bingeman Writer
Joe Gannon Writer
Buddy Giovinazzo Writer
Fred Golan Writer
Wil Hasley Writer
Carey W. Hayes Writer
Chad Hayes Writer
Frank Henenlotter Writer
John Lafia Writer
Stephen Neigher Writer
Scott Peters Writer
Ralph Phillips Writer
Charlotte Teeple Writer
Will Halsey Writer
Tom Naughton Producer
Frederick Rappaport Producer
Nicolas Valcour Producer
T.S. O'Kelly Producer
Paul B. Margolis Producer
Danya Browder Producer
Andi Healy Producer
Allen Law Producer
Todd Slater Producer
Robert Smith Producer

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