Green Acres: Season Four

Released: October 10, 2017 • Available in US
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Get re-acquainted with the simple life of Green Acres, with Season Four of one of TV's most hilarious and beloved sitcoms! Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert) and his socialite wife Lisa (Eva Gabor) make a life-changing excursion into America's heartland – and in the process, cultivate episode after episode of one of the funniest and most lovable comedies on television!

Arnold Ziffel's College of Useless Knowledge, Factoid #4: Guest stars in Season Four include some faces very familiar to any fan of classic television, including Alan Hale, Jr. (Gilligan's Island), Melody Patterson (F Troop), Al Molinaro (Happy Days), and Gordon Jump (WKRP In Cincinnati).

Includes All 26 Episodes!

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Episode Episode Title
1 Green Acres: Guess Who's Not Coming To The Luau?
2 Green Acres: The Rummage Sale
3 Green Acres: Hail To The Fire Chief
4 Green Acres: Eb's Romance
5 Green Acres: The Candidate
6 Green Acres: Handy Lessons
7 Green Acres: A Husband For Eleanor
8 Green Acres: Old Mail Day
9 Green Acres: The Agricultural Student
10 Green Acres: How Hooterville Was Floundered
11 Green Acres: The Blue Feather
12 Green Acres: How To Get From Hooterville To Pixley Without Moving
13 Green Acres: The Birthday Gift
14 Green Acres: Everywhere A Chick Chick
15 Green Acres: The Marital Vacation
16 Green Acres: A Prize In Each And Every Package
17 Green Acres: Law Partners
18 Green Acres: A Day In The Life Of Oliver Wendell Holmes
19 Green Acres: Economy Flight To Washington
20 Green Acres: Retreat From Washington
21 Green Acres: A Hunting We Won't Go
22 Green Acres: Oh, Promise Me
23 Green Acres: Eb Uses His Ingenuity
24 Green Acres: The Old Trunk
25 Green Acres: The Milk Maker
26 Green Acres: The Reincarnation Of Eb
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Green Acres

Eddie Albert Oliver Wendell Douglas, Calvin Whittaker, Charlie Foster
Eva Gabor Lisa Douglas, Doris McGivney Hooter, Etta Thompson
Tom Lester Eb Dawson, Gus, Jr.
Pat Buttram Mr. Haney, Bartender, Buford Wilkins
Alvy Moore Hank Kimball, Fritz Kimball, Jed Clampett
Frank Cady Sam Drucker, Ben Drucker
Hank Patterson Fred Ziffel
Mary Grace Canfield Ralph Monroe, Harry Monroe
Sid Melton Alf Monroe, Ed Ferguson, Larry Monroe
Barbara Pepper Doris Ziffel
Richard L. Bare Director
Ralph Levy Director
Bruce Bilson Director
Vincent Sherman Director
Jay Sommers Writer
Jay Sommers Writer
Jay Sommers Writer
Dick Chevillat Writer
Dick Chevillat Writer
Dick Chevillat Writer
Dan Beaumont Writer
Al Schwartz Writer
Al Schwartz Writer
Elon Packard Writer
Elon Packard Writer
John L. Greene Writer
Elroy Schwartz Writer
Sam Locke Writer
Sam Locke Writer
Sam Locke Writer
Joel Rapp Writer
Joel Rapp Writer
Joel Rapp Writer
Larry Scott Anderson Writer
Larry Scott Anderson Writer
Lou Huston Writer
Phil Leslie Writer
Phil Leslie Writer
Buddy Atkinson Writer
Walter Black Writer
Stan Dreben Writer
Norman Hudis Writer
Howard Merrill Writer
Bobby Bell Writer
David Braverman Writer
Bill Lee Writer
Bob Marcus Writer
Joel Kane Writer
Arnold Horwitt Writer
Arnold Horwitt Writer
Searle Kramer Writer
Searle Kramer Writer
Paul Henning Producer
Guy Scarpitta Producer
Jay Sommers Producer

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