Halo: The Fall Of Reach

Released: February 13, 2018 • Available in US & Canada
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The Ultimate Weapon In A Fight Against Chaos

Relive the origins of the legendary Master Chief and the Spartan program in this animated adaptation of one of Halo's most beloved stories. Kidnapped as children and conscripted into a brutal military training and augmentation program, the Spartans were designed to be the ultimate weapon against chaos and insurgency — but when a dangerous alien alliance known as the Covenant declares war on humanity, the Spartans might be our only hope.

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Halo: The Fall Of Reach

Jen Taylor Actor
Steve Downes Actor
Michelle Lukes Actor
Brittany Uomoleale Actor
Travis Willingham Actor
Corrinne Robinson Producer
Dan Sioui Producer
Eric Nylund Writer
Frank O'Connor Producer
Heath Corson Writer
Ian Kirby Producer
Ian Kirby Director
Kiki Wolfkill Producer
Tina Summerford Producer
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