Ironside: Season Three

Released: May 9, 2017 • Available in US & Canada
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26 Original Episodes

From his uniquely equipped office at SFPD headquarters, Chief Robert T. Ironside (Raymond Burr) continues to lead his special police unit fighting crime that others cannot. His crack team includes Sergeant Ed Brown (Don Galloway), ex-con-turned-assistant Mark Sanger (Don Mitchell) and policewoman Eve Whitfield (Barbara Anderson).

From 1967 to 1975, Raymond Burr (Perry Mason) celebrated his second major television hit. Set during the turbulent '60s, Ironside confronted the hottest issues of its time and gave television its first protagonist in a wheelchair.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Ironside: Alias Mr. Braithwaite
2 Ironside: Goodbye To Yesterday, Part 1
3 Ironside: Goodbye To Yesterday, Part 2
4 Ironside: Poole's Paradise
5 Ironside: Eye Of The Hurricane
6 Ironside: A Bullet For Mark
7 Ironside: Love My Enemy
8 Ironside: Seeing Is Believing
9 Ironside: The Machismo Bag
10 Ironside: Programmed For Danger
11 Ironside: Five Miles High
12 Ironside: L'Chayim
13 Ironside: Beyond A Shadow
14 Ironside: Stolen On Demand
15 Ironside: Dora
16 Ironside: Beware The Wiles Of A Stranger
17 Ironside: Eden Is The Place We Leave
18 Ironside: The Wrong Time, The Wrong Place
19 Ironside: Return To Fiji
20 Ironside: Ransom
21 Ironside: One Hour To Kill
22 Ironside: Warrior's Return
23 Ironside: Little Jerry Jessup
24 Ironside: Good Will Tour
25 Ironside: Little Dog, Gone
26 Ironside: Tom Dayton Is Loose Among Us
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Ironside: Season Three

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