Kojak: Season Four

Released: May 1, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Telly Savalas returns as the lollipop-packing dapper detective Theo Kojak in Season Four of the renowned mystery series.

Season Four cases involve the kidnapping of Kojak's niece, the search for "The Grim Reaper" serial killer, a body found in the trunk of a Rolls-Royce, a vengeful nun, a diplomat molester and a murderous wife. Like no one else, Kojak cuts through the depths of the criminal mind and solves cases with unparalleled guts and determination.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Kojak: Birthday Party
2 Kojak: A Summer Madness
3 Kojak: Law Dance
4 Kojak: Out Of The Shadows
5 Kojak: A Need To Know
6 Kojak: An Unfair Trade
7 Kojak: A Hair-Trigger Away
8 Kojak: By Silence Betrayed
9 Kojak: A Shield For Murder, Part 1
10 Kojak: A Shield For Murder, Part 2
11 Kojak: The Pride And The Princess
12 Kojak: Black Thorn
13 Kojak: Where Do You Go When You Have No Place To Go?
14 Kojak: Dead Again
15 Kojak: The Godson
16 Kojak: The Condemned
17 Kojak: When You Hear The Beep, Drop Dead
18 Kojak: I Was Happy Where I Was
19 Kojak: Kojak's Days, Part 1
20 Kojak: Kojak's Days, Part 2
21 Kojak: Monkey On A String
22 Kojak: Kiss It All Goodbye
23 Kojak: Lady In The Squad Room
24 Kojak: Sister Maria
25 Kojak: Another Gypsy Queen
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Kojak: Season Four

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George Savalas Actor
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