Laredo: The Complete Series

Released: November 24, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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Laredo, with its blend of western comedy and high drama, is one of the best television westerns to be found. Laredo premiered in prime time as an episode of The Virginian and was such a big hit, with its wonderful cast, gorgeous color photography, western ambiance and tight, serio-comic scripts, that it was immediately signed for a full season.

Laredo brings together three Texas Rangers with distinctive personalities, strength and weaknesses, under the stern command of Captain Edward Parmalee (Philip Carey). Wacky Reese (Neville Brand), brawny Joe (William Smith) and smooth Chad (Peter Brown) are equally good at roughhouse humor as well as serious law keeping. Chad and Joe are particularly good with the ladies, something most westerns of the day shied away from. In Season 2, Clause Akins joined the cast as Cotton, a character similar to Brand's Reese, and Robert Wolders made several appearances as Ranger Erik Hunter.

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Neville Brand Reese Bennett
Peter Brown Chad Cooper, Prince Lazlo
William Smith Joe Riley
Philip Carey Capt. Edward Parmalee, Capt. Edward A. Parmalee
Robert Wolders Erik Hunter
Leonard P. Geer Barfly, Ben, Cowhand
Claude Akins Cotton Buckmeister
K.L. Smith Charlie Stamp, Lundy Pryor, Nate
Lane Bradford 3-Finger Jake, Amos Slaughter, Ben Slick
Fred Carson Bartender, Gang Member, Hide Hunter
William Witney Director
R.G. Springsteen Director
Paul Stanley Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Leon Benson Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Bernard McEveety Director
Irving J. Moore Director
Charles R. Rondeau Director
Ezra Stone Director
Harvey Hart Director
Abner Biberman Director
Anton Leader Director
David Lowell Rich Director
Richard Benedict Director
John English Director
Jerry Hopper Director
Sherman Marks Director
Howard Morris Director
Hollingsworth Morse Director
Alexander Singer Director
Richard Bartlett Director
Robert Gist Director
Gene Nelson Director
Leo Penn Director
Joseph Pevney Director
Alan Rafkin Director
Tom Adair Writer
Brian Barstu Writer
George Baxter Writer
John D.F. Black Writer
Walter Black Writer
Vin Bogert Writer
Joseph Bonaduce Writer
Alvin Boretz Writer
Calvin Clements Jr. Writer
Bloise N. Coon Writer
Gene L. Coon Writer
Gerry Day Writer
John T. Dugan Writer
John Elliotte Writer
Fred Freiberger Writer
Ric Hardman Writer
William Hellinger Writer
Edward J. Lakso Writer
Archie Lawrence Writer
Paul Mason Writer
John McGreevey Writer
Barbara Merlin Writer
Joel Murcott Writer
Leonard Praskins Writer
Gilbert Ralston Writer
William Raynor Writer
Lewis Reed Writer
Martin Roth Writer
B.W. Sandefur Writer
S.S. Schweitzer Writer
Jay Simms Writer
Myles Wilder Writer
Clint Young Writer
Richard Irving Producer
Richard Irving Producer
Frederick Shorr Producer
Howard Christie Producer
Paul Mason Producer

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