Lou Grant: Season Two

Released: August 16, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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Ed Asner is back as his iconic character, the gruff but principled Lou Grant, for a second season of the Emmy®-winning drama.

Season Two's twenty-four episodes finds city editor Grant continuing to lead his crack staff at the Los Angeles Tribune as they strive to report the stories upon which society turns. Investigating matters of journalistic ethics as well as powerful, sometimes controversial stories with hard questions and no easy answers, the series was a beacon of quality programming, impressing audiences and critics alike.

Robert Walden, Linda Kelsey, Mason Adams, Jack Bannon, Daryl Anderson, and Nancy Marchand also star in a series whose timely and thoughtful examination of both the inner workings of the newspaper business and contemporary societal concerns made it one of the premier dramas of its era.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Lou Grant: Pills
2 Lou Grant: Prisoner
3 Lou Grant: Hooker
4 Lou Grant: Mob
5 Lou Grant: Murder
6 Lou Grant: Dying
7 Lou Grant: Schools
8 Lou Grant: Slaughter
9 Lou Grant: Singles
10 Lou Grant: Babies
11 Lou Grant: Conflict
12 Lou Grant: Denial
13 Lou Grant: Fire
14 Lou Grant: Vet
15 Lou Grant: Scam
16 Lou Grant: Sweep
17 Lou Grant: Samaritan
18 Lou Grant: Hit
19 Lou Grant: Home
20 Lou Grant: Convention
21 Lou Grant: Marathon
22 Lou Grant: Bomb
23 Lou Grant: Skids
24 Lou Grant: Romance
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Lou Grant: Season Two

Allen Williams Actor
Daryl Anderson Actor
Edward Asner Actor
Gary Pagett Actor
Jack Bannon Actor
Laurence Haddon Actor
Linda Kelsey Actor
Mason Adams Actor
Nancy Marchand Actor
Robert Walden Actor
Sidney Clute Actor
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