Maude: Season Three

Released: November 10, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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In Maude we trust!

Bea Arthur returns in her signature role for the third season of the bitingly funny Maude, another classic sitcom from one of television's true creative masters, Norman Lear (All In The Family, The Jeffersons).

Season Three finds the irrepressible Maude Findlay hiring a new housekeeper (Hermione Baddeley), putting on the best darn telethon the Tuckahoe Gallbladder Foundation ever had, and even hunkering down for a showdown with guest star John Wayne.

Also starring Bill Macy, Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog) Conrad Bain (Diff’rent Strokes), and Ms. Arthur's future co-star on The Golden Girls, Rue McClanahan, Maude: Season Three features all twenty-three "anything but tranquilizin'" episodes!

Includes All 23 Episodes!


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Episode Episode Title
1 Maude: Maude Meets The Duke
2 Maude: The Kiss
3 Maude: Walter's Heart Attack
4 Maude: The New Housekeeper
5 Maude: Speed Trap
6 Maude: Lovers In Common
7 Maude: Walter's Dream
8 Maude: A Night To Remember
9 Maude: Last Tango In Tuckahoe
10 Maude: Vivian's Party
11 Maude: Maude The Boss
12 Maude: Maude's New Friend
13 Maude: Walter's Ex
14 Maude: Nostalgia Party
15 Maude: All Psyched Out
16 Maude: The Telethon
17 Maude: And Then There Were None
18 Maude: The Emergence Of Vivian
19 Maude: Mrs. Naugatuck In Love
20 Maude: Walter's Pride
21 Maude: Walter Gets Religion
22 Maude: The Cabin
23 Maude: Maude's Mother
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Maude: Season Three

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