McHale's Navy / McHale's Navy Joins The Air Force [Double Feature]

Released: February 16, 2016 • Available in US & Canada
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All hands on deck, you eight balls!

Climb aboard the PT-73 for a double feature of military mirth featuring the crazy crew from the classic sitcom, McHale's Navy! This pair of full-length comic (mis)adventures promotes your favorite characters from the boob tube to the big screen — and brings a tsunami of laughter along with them.

First up, in 1964's McHale's Navy, the crew finds themselves in deep trouble when a well-meaning plot to save an orphanage backfires and leaves them up to their necks in debt. McHale (Ernest Borgnine) and the boys have a new scheme up their sleeve to save their skins… but will Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn) slap McHale with a court-martial before they hit it big?

Then, in the 1965 follow-up, McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force, a series of snafus finds the hapless Ensign Parker (Tim Conway) in a case of mistaken identity when he switches uniforms with a pilot… and the Air Force gains an airhead!

When it comes to shipping big laughs, McHale's Navy is always at your service.

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McHale's Navy / McHale's Navy Joins The Air Force [Double Feature]

Billy Sands Actor
Bob Hastings Actor
Carl Ballantine Actor
Edson Stroll Actor
Edward Montagne Director
Edward Montagne Producer
Ernest Borgnine Actor
Frank Gill Jr. Writer
Gary Vinson Actor
Gavin MacLeod Actor
George Carleton Brown Writer
George Kennedy Actor
Joe Flynn Actor
John Wright Actor
Si Rose Writer
Tim Conway Actor
Yoshio Yoda Actor
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