Mr. Belvedere: Season Four

Released: September 8, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Mr. Belvedere (Christopher Hewett) is back to clean up another series of sticky situations as the booming, bombastic butler to the Owens family in Mr. Belvedere Season Four.

With George's (Bob Uecker) new gig as a big-shot TV sportscaster, Marsh's (Ilene Graff) new job with a sleaze ball boss, Kevin (Rob Stone) now in college pledging a fraternity, Wesley (Brice Beckham) refusing to bathe, and Heather (Tracy Wells) busting the elderly out of nursing homes - it's no wonder Belvedere turns to gambling in the middle of what is the most uproarious season yet.

There are few '80s sitcoms that have been referenced as often throughout pop culture during the past two decades. Mr. Belvedere dishes out a serious sense of humor with a heartfelt warmth that leaves you yearning for multiple helpings.

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Episode Episode Title
1 Mr. Belvedere: Initiation
2 Mr. Belvedere: TV George
3 Mr. Belvedere: Triangle
4 Mr. Belvedere: Marsha's Job
5 Mr. Belvedere: Moonlighting
6 Mr. Belvedere: The Wedding
7 Mr. Belvedere: Fall Guy
8 Mr. Belvedere: Christmas Story
9 Mr. Belvedere: G.I. George
10 Mr. Belvedere: Kevin's Model
11 Mr. Belvedere: Commentary
12 Mr. Belvedere: The Diary
13 Mr. Belvedere: The Trip, Part 1
14 Mr. Belvedere: The Trip, Part 2
15 Mr. Belvedere: Foxtrot
16 Mr. Belvedere: Heather's Monk
17 Mr. Belvedere: Kevin Nightingale
18 Mr. Belvedere: The Apartment
19 Mr. Belvedere: Graduation
20 Mr. Belvedere: The Counselor
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Mr. Belvedere: Season Four

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