Mr. Magoo: The Television Collection 1960-1977

Released: November 8, 2011 • Available in US & Canada
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Since 1949, Mr. Magoo has bumbled his way to good fortune for more than six decades. His endearing misadventures in everyday life and his stubborn self-confidence have entertained generations.

Voiced by multitalented comedic actor Jim Backus, the nearsighted Mr. Magoo was an instant hit and went on to become a classic animated character starring in two Academy Award®-winning theatrical shorts, three television series and two TV specials.

This special collector's edition brings together for the first time on DVD all three television series in one deluxe set. Over 180 cartoons – over 31 hours of Magoo's hilarious misadventures in one fun-filled set!


The Mr. Magoo Show

The Famous Adventures Of Mr. Magoo

What's New Mr. Magoo?

Plus the prime-time TV special Uncle Sam Magoo!


Bonus Features

  • 20-Page Commemorative Book
  • Featurette: "Oh, Magoo...You've Done It Again!"
  • Commentaries With Animation Historians Jerry Beck, Darrell Van Citters And More
  • Photo Gallery With Storyboards And Drawings

Product Information

The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Jim Backus Mr. Magoo, Squinty Eyes
Joan Gardner
Marvin Miller Magic Mirror, King Oberon, Lysander
Paul Frees Gamblers, Sherlock Holmes
Howard Morris Prince Valor, Demetrius, Egeus
Dal McKennon
Everett Sloane Dick Tracy
Julie Bennett Snow White
Robie Lester Altisidora, Handmaiden, Hermia
Shepard Menken Danglars
Abe Levitow Director
Walter Black Writer
True Boardman Writer
Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra Writer
Barbara Chain Writer
Arthur Conan Doyle Writer
Alexandre Dumas Writer
Mathilde Ferro Writer
Theodore Ferro Writer
Chester Gould Writer
Jacob Grimm Writer
Wilhelm Grimm Writer
Washington Irving Writer
Rudyard Kipling Writer
Joanna Lee Writer
Jerry D. Lewis Writer
Herman Melville Writer
Sloan Nibley Writer
Edmond Rostand Writer
Friedrich Schiller Writer
William Shakespeare Writer
Mary Shelley Writer
Robert Louis Stevenson Writer
Henry G. Saperstein Producer

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Mister Magoo

Daws Butler Alfred The Giant
Benny Rubin Charlie
Jim Backus Mr. Magoo
Mel Blanc Tycoon Magoo, Worcestershire, Narrator
Jerry Hausner Waldo
Paul Frees Police Officer, Col. Bottomley, Director
Frank Nelson Narrator, Host, Concierge
Bea Benaderet Mother Magoo, Leading Lady
June Foray Mother Magoo, Witch
Julie Bennett Daughter
Steve Clark Director
Clyde Geronimi Director
John Walker Director
Paul Fennell Director
Frank Smith Director
Grant Simmons Director
Brad Case Director
Ray Patterson Director
Jerry Hathcock Director
Abe Levitow Director
Gil Turner Director
Stephen Bosustow Writer
Al Bertino Writer
Dick Kinney Writer
Bob Ogle Writer
Dick Shaw Writer
David Detiege Writer
George Atkins Writer
Tony Benedict Writer
Ralph Wright Writer
Ron Carver Writer
Nick George Writer
Bill Danch Writer
Ed Nofziger Writer
Tedd Pierce Writer
Peter DeMet Producer
Glan Heisch Producer
Abe Levitow Producer
Henry G. Saperstein Producer
Stephen Bosustow Producer

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What's New, Mr. Magoo?

Jim Backus Mr. Magoo
Bob Ogle McBarker
Casey Kasem Waldo, Additional Voices
Hal Smith
Frank Welker
Bob Richardson Director
David Detiege Writer
Mark Jones Writer
Bob Ogle Writer
Cliff Roberts Writer
Milt Schaffer Writer
David H. DePatie Producer
Friz Freleng Producer

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Uncle Sam Magoo

Jim Backus Mr. Magoo
Lennie Weinrib John F. Kennedy
Bob Holt
Patti Gilbert
Sid Grossfeld
Barney Phillips
Dave Shelley
John Himes
Bill Clayton
Abe Levitow Director
Larry Markes Writer
Henry G. Saperstein Writer
Sam Rosen Writer
Lee Orgel Producer
Henry G. Saperstein Producer

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