Nosferatu The Vampyre

Released: May 20, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: This Blu-ray features the same disc included in our Werner Herzog box set.


It is 1850 in the beautiful, perfectly-kept town of Wismar. Jonathan Harker is about to leave on a long journey over the Carpathian Mountains to finalize real estate arrangements with a wealthy nobleman. His wife, Lucy begs him not to go and is troubled by a strong premonition of danger.

Despite her warnings, Jonathan arrives four weeks later at a large, gloomy castle. Out of the mist appears a pale, wraith-like figure with a shaven head and deep-sunken eyes who identifies himself as Count Dracula. The events that transpire slowly convince Harker that he is in the presence of a vampyre. What he doesn't know is the magnitude of danger he, his wife and his town are about to experience.

Why We Love It

"What artistic brilliance upon Werner Herzog's behalf, but Klaus Kiniski and Isabelle Adjani stamp their lasting marks as well. Never have I been so caught up, amazed and blown away from such profound positioning, poetically creative imagery and mesmerizing performances. I found it incredibly hard to take my eyes off the screen, even though the story has been done to death."-IMDB

"This is Herzog's journey to the heart of darkness, a film that specifically echoes his earlier offerings The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser and his South American odyssey Aguirre, Wrath of God." -The Guardian

"To say of someone that they were born to play a vampire is a strange compliment, but if you will compare the two versions of Nosferatu you might agree with me that only Kinski could have equaled or rivaled Max Schreck's performance."-Roger Ebert

"This is a pinnacle of horror cinema: atmospheric, rhapsodic and -- especially in the slow-burn confrontations between Lucy and her otherworldly inamorato -- achingly transcendent." -Time Out


Bonus Features

  • German Language Version With English Subtitles
  • English Language Version
  • Audio Commentary With Werner Herzog
  • Vintage Making Of Nosferatu
  • Theatrical Trailers

Product Information

Nosferatu The Vampyre

Bram Stoker Writer
Bruno Ganz Actor
Isabelle Adjani Actor
Klaus Kinski Actor
Werner Herzog Director
Werner Herzog Writer
Werner Herzog Producer
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