Sci-Fi Movie Marathon [4 Films] (SOLD OUT)

Released: July 9, 2013 • Available in US & Canada
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ARENA (1989)

Far in the future, on a distant world, the best fighters in the universe compete in a gladiator-like sport called "Arena." Steve Armstrong is the first Earthling good enough to be a contender, but an extra-terrestrial crimelord seeks to end Steve's career for good.


A mandroid, part man and part machine, seeks revenge on the evil scientist who created him. Enlisting the help of a beautiful woman and a mysterious ninja, he pursues the scientist in hopes of stopping him before he can cause further harm to humanity. Andrew Prine (The Town That Dreaded Sundown) and Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation) star in this fast-paced actioner.

AMERICA 3000 (1986)

In this strange new world of 2890, many years after the apocalypse, savage but beautiful Amazon warriors rule the wasteland and enslave the male population in labor and breeding camps. This inventive re-envisioning of the future stars Laurene Landon (Manic Cop, Hundra).


In the year 4039, as the human race nears extinction under the rule of beast-like creatures, an entire city travels through time in hopes of evading capture and forever changing the future. Tom Burlinson (The Man From Snowy River), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) and Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap) star in this science-fiction epic.

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Sci-Fi Movie Marathon [4 Films]

David Engelbach Director
Chuck Wagner Actor
Laurene Landon Actor
Sue Giosa Actor
Victoria Barrett Actor
William Wallace Actor
David Engelbach Writer
Menahem Golan Producer
Yoram Globus Producer
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