Simon & Simon: Season Three

Released: August 18, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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23 Original One-Hour Episodes From 1983–1984

Explosions, bar fights, stakeouts, bikini-clad blondes, car chases and more explosions — Simon & Simon was prime-time '80s action at its best. Airing from 1981 to 1989, Gerald McRaney (Jericho) and Jameson Parker (JAG) as private eyes Rick and A.J. Simon — a dueling sibling detective duo who, despite their differences in style, demeanor and just about everything in between, managed to thwart criminal activity in the pursuit of justice from week to week.

Season Three finds Rick and A.J. facing trouble again in beautiful San Diego, CA, on the trail of missing radio personalities, crooked magicians, gamblers, horse smugglers, and murderers. Together the Simons put their street smarts and book sense to good use in a brotherly one-two punch, leading to some action that isn't always pretty and, for sure, not always friendly, but ultimately gets the case solved.

Season Three would introduce Tim Reid as Detective Marcel "Downtown" Brown and featured guest stars James Avery, Michael Constantine, Mario Lopez, John Reilly and more.


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Episode Episode Title
1 Simon & Simon: Grand Illusion
2 Simon & Simon: DJ DOA
3 Simon & Simon: I Heard It Was Murder
4 Simon & Simon: Bail Out
5 Simon & Simon: Fly The Alibi Skies
6 Simon & Simon: Shadow Of Sam Penny
7 Simon & Simon: Caught Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
8 Simon & Simon: The Bare Facts
9 Simon & Simon: Too Much Of A Good Thing
10 Simon & Simon: Betty Grable Flies Again
11 Simon & Simon: Bon Voyage, Alonso
12 Simon & Simon: All Your Favorite Games
13 Simon & Simon: John Doe
14 Simon & Simon: Dear Lovesick
15 Simon & Simon: Bloodlines
16 Simon & Simon: Heels And Toes
17 Simon & Simon: The Wrong Stuff
18 Simon & Simon: Double Play
19 Simon & Simon: Under The Knife
20 Simon & Simon: Harm's Way
21 Simon & Simon: The Dillinger Print
22 Simon & Simon: Corpus Delecti
23 Simon & Simon: The Disappearance Of Harry The Hat
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Simon & Simon: Season Three

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