Small Wonder: Season One

Released: February 16, 2010 • Available in US & Canada
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She's fantastic, made of plastic, microchips here and there... she's a Small Wonder!

Small Wonder confirmed the age-old adage: If it looks like a ten-year-old girl and talks like a robot . . . it's a ROBOT!

When genius cybernetics engineer Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) brings home his top-secret invention, a Voice Input Child Identicant or V.I.C.I. (Tiffany Brissette), life becomes anything but mechanical for the Lawson family.

With Ted's boss and nosy family (the Brindles) living next door, Ted, his wife Joan and their son Jamie must pass Vicki off as a real child. It's easy for Joan (Marla Pennington-Rowan) who can't help doting on her like a daughter, but harder for precocious Jamie (Jerry Supiran), who uses Vicki to do his homework and ward off Harriet (Emily Schulman), the annoying redheaded girl next door.

Small Wonder aired for four seasons in syndication and often reran out of order, to the chagrin of fans (not to mention the writers). All 24 original episodes are included here in their intended order. Small Wonder has withstood the test of time to emerge as a classic laser beacon of '80s culture.


Bonus Features

  • Commentaries With Creator and Cast
  • Original Episode Promos
  • Fan Art Gallery

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Episode Episode Title
1 Small Wonder: Vicki's Homecoming
2 Small Wonder: The Neighbors
3 Small Wonder: The Sitter
4 Small Wonder: The Suitor
5 Small Wonder: Sibling Rivalry
6 Small Wonder: Spielberg, Jr.
7 Small Wonder: The Lie
8 Small Wonder: The Bully
9 Small Wonder: Slightly Dishonorable
10 Small Wonder: The Adoption
11 Small Wonder: Child Genius
12 Small Wonder: Ted's New Boss
13 Small Wonder: Brainwashed
14 Small Wonder: The Burrito Story
15 Small Wonder: The Camping Trip
16 Small Wonder: Love Story
17 Small Wonder: Substitute Father
18 Small Wonder: The Robot Nappers
19 Small Wonder: The Company Takeover
20 Small Wonder: Good Ol' Lou
21 Small Wonder: Like Father, Like Son
22 Small Wonder: Vaudeville Vicki
23 Small Wonder: The Real Facts Of Life
24 Small Wonder: The Grandparents
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Small Wonder: Season One

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