Snapped: Season Four

Released: April 10, 2012 • Available in US & Canada
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Snapped Season 4 takes you through the lives of 13 women, all of whom took justice into their own bloody hands!

Like Sheila Davalloo, whose game of ‘guess what I’m touching you with’ turned deadly with the touch of a wicked knifes edge. And Dixie Shanahan, whose bedroom door remained shut for over a year after she shot her husband in their bed in a fit of rage.

These true stories, full of scandal and intrigue, are guaranteed to grip and shock, as they take you into a world of murder, revenge, and investigation!


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Episode Episode Title
1 Snapped: Sandy Murphy
2 Snapped: Carol Carr
3 Snapped: Phyllis Nelson
4 Snapped: Nikki Redmond
5 Snapped: Sheila Davalloo
6 Snapped: Sarah Johnson
7 Snapped: Mary Ellen Samuels
8 Snapped: Erin Dukes
9 Snapped: Piper Rountree
10 Snapped: Dixie Shanahan
11 Snapped: Joan Shannon
12 Snapped: Donna Fryman
13 Snapped: Melinda Raisch
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Snapped: Season Four

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