Space: 1999: The Complete Series

Released: July 16, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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Product Note: The SPACE: 1999 SNOW GLOBE is no longer available.


Attention All Sections Alpha: Prepare For Transmission!

From Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the legendary masterminds behind Thunderbirds, comes the epic sci-fi series, Space: 1999!

September 1999: A nuclear waste dump on the lunar surface unexpectedly detonates, blasting the Moon out of Earth's orbit and taking the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha on an unbelievable voyage of discovery and adventure. Under the command of John Koenig (Martin Landau), the Alphans hurtle through the stars, encountering fantastic worlds and beings in a universe where peril awaits at every turn. Together, Koenig and the Alphans face the ultimate challenge in the farthest reaches of space: survive ... and find home.

Also starring Barbara Bain as Dr. Helena Russell, Barry Morse as Victor Bergman, and Catherine Schell as Maya, Space: 1999 is a true classic of science fiction television, presented here in a deluxe box set with a galaxy's worth of special features that fans and newcomers alike will treasure. Strap yourselves in — the journey of a lifetime is about to begin!


Viewing Space: 1999 can sometimes be tricky for those looking to establish a clear, definitive timeline from episode to episode. This is due to a number of factors: the nature of episodic television and its production at that time as compared to now, or the variance in airing dates from station to station and nation to nation, to name a couple. Ultimately, there are moments of character or storyline continuity that might seem out of place. While some fans have made excellent suggestions regarding a viewing order that makes the most sense, it is generally accepted that there is no single "correct" viewing order — only possibilities.

With this in mind, we have presented Space: 1999 here in production order, as it is the most commonly accepted viewing order.

Bonus Features

  • NEW Mission To Moonbase Alpha: An Interview With Actress Barbara Bain
  • NEW Into The Uncertain Future: An Interview With Actor Nick Tate
  • NEW Brain Behind The Destruction: An Interview With Director Kevin Connor
  • NEW Moonbase Merch: A Tour Of Space:1999 Ephemera With Author John Muir
  • NEW Audio Commentary By Author Anthony Taylor On "Dragon's Domain" And "The Metamorph"
  • NEW Audio Commentary By Space:1999 Series Expert Scott Michael Bosco On "Ring Around The Moon"
  • Audio Commentary By Series Co-Creator Gerry Anderson On "Breakaway" And "Dragon's Domain"
  • "These Episodes" – Nearly 100 Minutes Of Reflections On Some Of Space:1999's Iconic Episodes From The People Who Made Them
  • "Memories Of Space" Featurette
  • Interview With Sylvia Anderson
  • Guardian Of Piri Remembered With Actress Catherine Schell
  • Vintage Year Two Interviews
  • Vintage Brian Johnson Interview
  • Behind The Scenes Footage With Brian Johnson Commentary
  • Concept And Creation Featurette
  • Special Effects And Design Featurette
  • Martin Landau And Barbara Bain TV Promos
  • Promos For Year One And Year Two
  • Trailers For Destination Moonbase Alpha And Alien Attack
  • Blackpool "Space City" Exhibition Advert
  • Lyons Maid Ice Lolly Advert
  • Mono And 5.1 Audio On All Episodes
  • Photo Galleries
  • 16 Page Episode Guide

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 Space: 1999: Breakaway
2 Space: 1999: Matter Of Life And Death
3 Space: 1999: Black Sun
4 Space: 1999: Ring Around The Moon
5 Space: 1999: Earthbound
6 Space: 1999: Another Time, Another Place
7 Space: 1999: Missing Link
8 Space: 1999: Guardian Of Piri
9 Space: 1999: Force Of Life
10 Space: 1999: Alpha Child
11 Space: 1999: The Last Sunset
12 Space: 1999: Voyager's Return
13 Space: 1999: Collision Course
14 Space: 1999: Death's Other Dominion
15 Space: 1999: The Full Circle
16 Space: 1999: End Of Eternity
17 Space: 1999: War Games
18 Space: 1999: The Last Enemy
19 Space: 1999: The Troubled Spirit
20 Space: 1999: Space Brain
21 Space: 1999: The Infernal Machine
22 Space: 1999: Mission Of The Darians
23 Space: 1999: Dragon's Domain
24 Space: 1999: The Testament Of Arkadia
25 Space: 1999: The Metamorph
26 Space: 1999: The Exiles
27 Space: 1999: One Moment Of Humanity
28 Space: 1999: All That Glisters
29 Space: 1999: Journey To Where
30 Space: 1999: The Taybor
31 Space: 1999: The Rules Of Luton
32 Space: 1999: The Mark Of Archanon
33 Space: 1999: Brian The Brain
34 Space: 1999: New Adam, New Eve
35 Space: 1999: Catacombs Of The Moon
36 Space: 1999: The AB Chrysalis
37 Space: 1999: Seed Of Destruction
38 Space: 1999: The Beta Cloud
39 Space: 1999: Space Warp
40 Space: 1999: A Matter Of Balance
41 Space: 1999: The Bringers Of Wonder, Part 1
42 Space: 1999: The Bringers Of Wonder, Part 2
43 Space: 1999: The Lambda Factor
44 Space: 1999: The Seance Spectre
45 Space: 1999: Dorzak
46 Space: 1999: Devil's Planet
47 Space: 1999: The Immunity Syndrome
48 Space: 1999: The Dorcons
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Space: 1999

Martin Landau Commander John Koenig
Barbara Bain Dr. Helena Russell
Nick Tate Alan Carter
Zienia Merton Sandra Benes
Sarah Bullen Operative Kate
Barry Morse Prof. Victor Bergman
Catherine Schell Maya
Prentis Hancock Paul Morrow
Clifton Jones David Kano
Anton Phillips Dr. Mathias
Charles Crichton Director
Ray Austin Director
Tom Clegg Director
David Tomblin Director
Bob Kellett Director
Val Guest Director
Lee H. Katzin Director
Bob Brooks Director
Peter Medak Director
Kevin Connor Director
Robert Lynn Director
Gerry Anderson Writer
Sylvia Anderson Writer
Jane Baker Writer
Pip Baker Writer
Elizabeth Barrows Writer
Tony Barwick Writer
George Bellak Writer
Johnny Byrne Writer
Edward Di Lorenzo Writer
Terrance Dicks Writer
Terence Feely Writer
Fred Freiberger Writer
John Goldsmith Writer
Donald James Writer
Bob Kellett Writer
Thom Keyes Writer
Jesse Lasky Jr. Writer
Keith Miles Writer
Christopher Penfold Writer
Jack Ronder Writer
Lew Schwarz Writer
Pat Silver Writer
Anthony Terpiloff Writer
Art Wallace Writer
David Weir Writer
Michael Winder Writer
Gerry Anderson Executive Producer
Gerry Anderson Producer
Sylvia Anderson Producer
Fred Freiberger Producer
F. Sherwin Green Associate Producer

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