Space Precinct: The Complete Series

Released: May 31, 2022 • Available in US & Canada
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From the legendary Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Space:1999 ) comes a police procedural series with an out-of-this world twist: Space Precinct!

When a veteran New York cop transfers to a new precinct – the Demeter City Police Department on the planet Altor – he discovers the hard way that a life of crime is not purely a human pursuit! Ted Shackelford stars as Lieutenant Patrick Brogan, alongside Rob Youngblood and Simone Bendix as fellow officers who try their best to maintain law and order amongst the melting pot of different alien races.

Bonus Features

  • The Making Of Space Precinct
  • Space Police – The Original, Unused Pilot Episode
  • Space Precinct Creature Tests
  • Raw Dailies Footage
  • Promos

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Episode Episode Title
1 Space Precinct: Protect And Survive
2 Space Precinct: Enforcer
3 Space Precinct: Body And Soul
4 Space Precinct: Double Duty
5 Space Precinct: The Snake
6 Space Precinct: Time To Kill
7 Space Precinct: Deadline
8 Space Precinct: Seek And Destroy
9 Space Precinct: The Power
10 Space Precinct: Illegal
11 Space Precinct: Divided We Stand
12 Space Precinct: Two Against The Rock
13 Space Precinct: Takeover
14 Space Precinct: Predator And Prey
15 Space Precinct: The Witness
16 Space Precinct: Hate Street
17 Space Precinct: Friends
18 Space Precinct: Smelter Skelter
19 Space Precinct: Flash
20 Space Precinct: The Fire Within, Part 1
21 Space Precinct: The Fire Within, Part 2
22 Space Precinct: The Forever Beetle
23 Space Precinct: Deathwatch, Part 1
24 Space Precinct: Deathwatch, Part 2
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Space Precinct

Ted Shackelford Lieutenant Patrick Brogan
Rob Youngblood Officer Jack Haldane
Simone Bendix Officer Jane Castle
Nancy Paul Sally Brogan
Jerome Willis Captain Rexton Podly
David Quilter Sergeant Thorald Fredo, Kalamandro, Sandoff
Mary Woodvine Officer Aurelia Took
Richard James Officer Hubble Orrin, Coe Barner, Enil Kmada
Nick Klein Matthew 'Matt' Brogan
Gary Martin Slomo
John Glen Director
Peter Duffell Director
Sidney Hayers Director
Alan Birkinshaw Director
Piers Haggard Director
Colin Bucksey Director
Jim Goddard Director
Silvio Narizzano Director
Gerry Anderson Writer
Philip Morrow Writer
Chris Hubbell Writer
Sam Graham Writer
David Carren Writer
J. Larry Carroll Writer
Marc Scott Zicree Writer
Steve Brown Writer
Arthur Sellers Writer
Mark Harris Writer
Michael Berlin Writer
Eric Estrin Writer
Burt Prelutsky Writer
Hans Beimler Writer
Richard Manning Writer
Paul Mayhew-Archer Writer
Paul Robert Coyle Writer
Peter Dunne Writer
Eric Gethers Writer
James Hendrie Writer
Carl Jahnsen Writer
Nick Sagan Writer
Gerry Anderson Producer
Jeffrey Brunner Producer
Richard Grove Producer
Tom Gutteridge Producer
Roger Lefkon Producer
John Needham Producer
Tom Sachs Producer

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