State Trooper: The Complete Series

Released: September 23, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Based on True Cases from the files of Nevada State Police

The Complete Television Series, 104 Episodes in all!

Includes pilot episode “Rodeo Rough House”

Tall, good looking and rugged, Rod Cameron stars as Officer Rod Blake in this western themed crime drama set in Las Vegas, Nevada. Based on true cases from the files of the Nevada State Police, each episode finds Blake and his fellow officers fighting crime in the Silver State. Robert Armstrong (Sheriff Andy Anderson) and Don Haggerty (Sheriff Elder) join Cameron in their crusade to keep peace and justice in the new old west, in stories of ranchers, miners, convicts and murder!

Each weekly episode features guest stars from the world of stage, screen, and television, including Craig Stevens, Claude Akins, Lee Van Cleef, Jeanette Nolan, Barbara Baxley, Richard Farnsworth, Deforest Kelley, Michael Landon, Carolyn Jones, Craig Stevens, Denver Pyle and Amanda Blake.

Bonus Disc: Classic TV Western Episodes Featuring Rod Cameron

* Tales of Wells Fargo

"Assignment in Gloribee"

* The Men from Shiloh

"Gun Quest"

* Alias Smith and Jones

"The Biggest Game In The West"

* Laramie

"The Last Journey"

Product Information

State Trooper

Rod Cameron Lt. Rod Blake
Robert Armstrong Sheriff Andy Anderson
Don Haggerty Sheriff Elder, Sheriff Dan Elder, Sheriff Bob Elder
Paul Stader Deputy Sheriff Jim Wallace, Ed Lerner, Frank
Alexander Campbell Sheriff Logan, Sheriff Bill Logan, Sheriff Frank Logan
Bart Burns Agent Frank Dent, Al Brady, Detective Capt. Leo Horton
Jean Byron Beverly, Claire Walden, Jean Burton
Tom Greenway Sheriff Jack Bronson
Harry Lauter Barney, Ben Everett, Hal Michaels
Robert Anderson Carlson, Sheriff Jim Bronson, Sheriff Martin
Richard Irving Director
John English Director
Don McDougall Director
William Witney Director
Boris Sagal Director
D. Ross Lederman Director
Sidney Salkow Director
Stanley Shpetner Director
Lawrence Dobkin Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Tom Gries Director
Ray Nazarro Director
Herschel Daugherty Director
Harve Foster Director
Virgil W. Vogel Director
Curtis Cluff Writer
John Draft Writer
John Draft Writer
Fenton Earnshaw Writer
Fenton Earnshaw Writer
Fenton Earnshaw Writer
Leo Gordon Writer
Leo Gordon Writer
James Gunn Writer
Stephen Kandel Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Lawrence Kimble Writer
Scott Littleton Writer
Leslie McFarlane Writer
Ken Pettus Writer
Ken Pettus Writer
Barry Shipman Writer
Barry Shipman Writer
Barry Shipman Writer
Frank E. Smith Writer
Thomas Walsh Writer
Richard Irving Producer

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