Supercar: The Complete Series

Released: May 12, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Timeless Media Group


The marvel of the age!

On land, sea, or in the air, you’ve never seen anything like Supercar! Piloted by the intrepid Mike Mercury, the ultimate all-terrain vehicle races from its base of operations in the Nevada desert in search of action and adventure. With the assistance of eccentric geniuses Professor Rudolph Popkiss and Dr. Horatio Beaker and his young sidekick Jimmy, Mercury travels the world to protect the innocent and bring the guilty-including his greatest foe, the fiendish Masterspy- to justice. In this complete series collection from Timeless Media Group, you can ride along for every thrilling exploit—all from the safety of your living room!

An early SUPERMARIONATION production from legendary producer Gerry Anderson, Supercar’s thirty-nine episodes set the stage for Anderson’s later triumphs, including Fireball XL-5, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, and Thunderbirds. Groundbreaking in its time, Supercar-like all of Anderson's creations- continues to fascinate to this day, sparking the imaginations of generations of children. Climb into the Mercury-manned machine of the future- Supercar! And kids, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts.


Bonus Features

  • Gerry Anderson Interview: Supercar
  • Derek Meddings: The Man And His Miniatures
  • Commentary By Sylvia Anderson On "Rescue"

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 Supercar: Rescue
2 Supercar: False Alarm
3 Supercar: The Talisman Of Sargon
4 Supercar: What Goes Up
5 Supercar: Amazonian Adventure
6 Supercar: Grounded
7 Supercar: Keep It Cool
9 Supercar: Jungle Hazard
9 Supercar: High Tension
10 Supercar: Island Incident
11 Supercar: Ice-Fall
12 Supercar: Phantom Piper
13 Supercar: Pirate Plunder
14 Supercar: A Little Art
15 Supercar: Flight Of Fancy
16 Supercar: Deep Seven
17 Supercar: Hostage
18 Supercar: The Sunken Temple
19 Supercar: The Lost City
20 Supercar: Trapped In The Depths
21 Supercar: The Dragon Of Ho Meng
22 Supercar: The Magic Carpet
23 Supercar: Supercar "Take One"
24 Supercar: Crash Landing
25 Supercar: The Tracking Of Masterspy
26 Supercar: The White Line
27 Supercar: The Runaway Train
28 Supercar: Precious Cargo
29 Supercar: Operation Superstork
30 Supercar: Hi-Jack
31 Supercar: Calling Charlie Queen
32 Supercar: Space For Mitch
33 Supercar: Atomic Witch Hunt
34 Supercar: 70-B-Lo
35 Supercar: The Sky's The Limit
36 Supercar: Jail Break
37 Supercar: The Day That Time Stood Still
38 Supercar: Transatlantic Cable
39 Supercar: King Kool
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Supercar: The Complete Series

David Graham Actor
George Murcell Actor
Graydon Gould Actor
Sylvia Anderson Actor
Gerry Anderson Producer
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