Richard Thompson
Sweet Warrior

Released: May 29, 2007 • Available in US & Canada
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Literate rocker Richard Thompson's new album, Sweet Warrior, is a return to his classic electric sound, his first plugged-in album since 2003's The Old Kit Bag. Filled with 14 songs of stories of loss and betrayal, the album also holds one of Thompson's most overtly political songs to date, "Dad's Gonna Kill Me," told from the perspective of a nervous young soldier stationed in Baghdad (abbreviated as "Dad" in the song). Richard Thompson is a consummate singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His career stretches back to the late '60s, when he was a founding member of the British folk-rock Fairport Convention. In the late '70s, with his then-wife, Linda, he recorded Shoot Out the Lights, which regularly makes critics' lists of the top ten records of all time. In the '90s, he experienced another career renaissance with the album Rumor & Sigh and he remains an elder-statesman of alternative rock.

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Track Track Name
1 Needle And Thread
2 I'll Never Give Up
3 Take Care The Road You Choose
4 Mr. Stupid
5 Dad's Gonna Kill Me
6 Poppy-Red
7 Bad Monkey
8 Francesca
9 Too Late To Come Fishing
10 Sneaky Boy
11 She Sang Angels To Rest
12 Johnny's Far Away
13 Guns Are The Tongues
14 Sunset Song
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