The Chisholms: The Complete Series

Released: June 10, 2014 • Available in US & Canada
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Saddle up and make the journey west with The Chisholms. One pioneer family’s journey west is chronicled in The Chisholms, a sprawling western television series starring Robert Preston (The Music Man) and award-winning stage and screen actress Rosemary Harris.

Swindled out of their Virginia property, the Chisholm family, led by proud patriarch Hadley (Preston) and his wife Minerva (Harris), make the trek westward in order to build a new life for themselves in the Oregon Territory. Along the trail the Chisholm clan encounters challenges that threaten not only their safety, but the very fabric of their familial bonds.

Created by David Dotort, The Chisholms is an entertaining mix of classic TV western and family-based drama in the vein of Bonanza, on which Dotort was a producer. Saddle up and make the journey with The Chisholms.

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Chisholms: Chapter I
2 The Chisholms: Chapter II
3 The Chisholms: Chapter III
4 The Chisholms: Chapter IV
5 The Chisholms: Seige
6 The Chisholms: Betrayal
7 The Chisholms: Endless Desert
8 The Chisholms: Vengeance
9 The Chisholms: Death In The Sierras
10 The Chisholms: The Promised Land
11 The Chisholms: The Suitor
12 The Chisholms: Chains
13 The Chisholms: The Siren Song
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The Chisholms

Rosemary Harris Minerva Chisholm
Ben Murphy Will Chisholm
James Van Patten Bo Chisholm
Susan Swift Mercy Hopwell, Annabel Chisholm
Robert Preston Hadley Chisholm
Brett Cullen Gideon Chisholm
Delta Burke Bonnie Sue Chisholm
Victoria Racimo Keewidinok
Reid Smith Lester Hackett
Mitchell Ryan Cooper Hawkins
Mel Stuart Director
Edward M. Abroms Director
Sigmund Neufeld Jr. Director
Nicholas Webster Director
David Dortort Writer
David Dortort Writer
Evan Hunter Writer
Evan Hunter Writer
Evan Hunter Writer
Evan Hunter Writer
Evan Hunter Writer
Jackson Gillis Writer
Jackson Gillis Writer
Corey Blechman Writer
Corey Blechman Writer
Paul Savage Writer
Paul Savage Writer
Kimmer Ringwald Writer
Harold Swanton Writer
Paul Freeman Producer
Alan Landsburg Producer
F.A. Miller Producer
Gary Credle Producer
David Dortort Producer

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