The Colbys: The Complete Series

Released: May 12, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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The Glamour. The Romance. The Intrigue. The Colbys.

Experience the drama, splendor, and machinations of the rich and powerful in the prime-time soap opera The Colbys, served to you in a complete series collection from Shout! Factory.

A spin-off from the television phenomenon, Dynasty, The Colbys explores the lives and loves of a fabulously wealthy California family as they confront challenges from both outsiders and within their own lineage. To maintain power and control over their empire, The Colbys will stop at nothing… and you will love them for every juicy scheme and shocking betrayal they enact.

Featuring an all-star cast (including Charlton Heston, John James, Katharine Ross, Emma Samms, Maxwell Caulfield, Tracy Scoggins, Ricardo Montalban, and Barbara Stanwyck) that shines as brightly as the opulent lifestyles on display, The Colbys is a glittering saga of the power and passion that drove the dreams of the '80s.

Why We Love It

“Some might call this series schizophrenic, swerving wildly between skullduggery so deep it’s almost invisible and guile so shallow it’s almost transparent, all from the midst of an almost impenetrable soup of soap opera clichés. It’s fun, it’s not fun, it’s weird, it’s amazing, it’s just about everything you could feel in one handy package…The Colbys: The Complete Series is a lot more than you might think looking at it” – Steve Anderson, Technology Tell

“Featuring an all-star cast including Charlton Heston, Katharine Ross, John James, Emma Samms, Tracy Scoggins, Ricardo Montalban, and Barbara Stanwyck, that shines as brightly as the opulent lifestyles on display, The Colbys is a glittering saga of the power and passion that drove the dreams of the eighties.” – Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek


Bonus Features

  • NEW Cast Interviews with John James ("Jeff"), Maxwell Caulfield ("Miles") And Stephanie Beacham ("Sable")

Product Information


Episode Episode Title
1 The Colbys: The Celebration
2 The Colbys: Conspiracy Of Silence
3 The Colbys: Moment Of Truth
4 The Colbys: Family Album
5 The Colbys: Shadow Of The Past
6 The Colbys: A House Divided
7 The Colbys: The Reunion
8 The Colbys: Fallen Idol
9 The Colbys: The Letter
10 The Colbys: The Turning Point
11 The Colbys: Thursday's Child
12 The Colbys: The Pact
13 The Colbys: Fallon's Choice
14 The Colbys: The Trial
15 The Colbys: Burden Of Proof
16 The Colbys: My Father's House
17 The Colbys: The Outcast
18 The Colbys: The Wedding
19 The Colbys: The Honeymoon
20 The Colbys: Double Jeopardy
21 The Colbys: A Family Affair
22 The Colbys: The Reckoning
23 The Colbys: Anniversary Waltz
24 The Colbys: Checkmate
25 The Colbys: The Gathering Storm
26 The Colbys: No Exit
27 The Colbys: Jason's Choice
28 The Colbys: The Matchmaker
29 The Colbys: Something Old, Something New
30 The Colbys: The Gala
31 The Colbys: Bloodlines
32 The Colbys: Deceptions
33 The Colbys: And Baby Makes Four
34 The Colbys: Bid For Freedom
35 The Colbys: Sanctuary
36 The Colbys: Reaching Out
37 The Colbys: Power Plays
38 The Colbys: The Legacy
39 The Colbys: The Home-Wrecker
40 The Colbys: The Manhunt
41 The Colbys: All Fall Down
42 The Colbys: Guilty Party
43 The Colbys: Fallon's Baby
44 The Colbys: Answered Prayers
45 The Colbys: Return Engagement
46 The Colbys: Devil's Advocate
47 The Colbys: Betrayals
48 The Colbys: Dead End
49 The Colbys: Crossroads
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The Colbys: The Complete Series

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Charlton Heston Actor
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Stephanie Beacham Actor
Tracy Scoggins Actor
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