The Kingston Trio Story: Where Ever We May Go

Released: August 29, 2006 • Available in US & Canada
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In 1958 three young men known as The Kingston Trio recorded a simple folk tune called "Tom Dooley." In less than a year, they were major stars with the best-selling album in the country. The Kingston Trio Story: Wherever We May Go celebrates the group's musical hits and sheds light on their fascinating and largely unknown 50-year history through rare performance footage and revealing interviews with band members and friends.

From singing for beer in student bars 50 years ago to sold-out concerts around the world today, The Kingston Trio Story is an exciting and emotional testimony to the group's undeniable impact, taking us through all the shakeups, breakups, changing faces and reunions of the group responsible for the revival of folk music in America.

Bonus Features

  • "Stories Behind The Songs" and five other featurettes Bonus Song Performances: "Little Light," "Tom Dooley," and "Three Jolly Coachmen" Vintage 7-Up commercials

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