The Monolith Monsters

Released: June 18, 2019 • Available in US & Canada
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They crush all that stand in their path!

A giant meteor crashes to Earth near the small town of San Angelo and local geologist Ben Gilbert (Phil Harvey, The Deadly Mantis) brings a fragment back to his lab for testing. Shortly afterwards, fellow geologist Dave Miller (Grant Williams, The Leech Woman) arrives to find the lab filled with rocks ... and Ben is dead ... his body turned completely to stone!

Now in a desperate race against time, Dave and Professor Arthur Flanders (Trevor Bardette, Death Valley Days) must unlock the secret of the deadly rocks from outer space before they turn the world to stone and destroy mankind! Also featuring Lola Albright (Peyton Place), William Schallert (The Man From Planet X), and Troy Donahue (Monster On The Campus), The Monolith Monsters ratchets up the "tension and suspense ... and the actors really put it across to the viewer, creating a very compelling film" (The Telltale Mind)!


Bonus Features

  • NEW Audio Commentary By Film Historians/Authors Tom Weaver And David Schecter
  • NEW Audio Commentary By Professor Of Film Studies/Author Mark Jancovich (Rational Fears: American Horror In The 1950s)
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Still Gallery

Product Information

The Monolith Monsters

Grant Williams Actor
Lola Albright Actor
Les Tremayne Actor
Phil Harvey Actor
Trevor Bardette Actor
Howard Christie Producer
John Sherwood Director
Norman Jolley Writer
Robert M. Fresco Writer
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