The Paper Chase: Season Two

Released: December 15, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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"We as lawyers and judges are the ones, for the convenience and protection of society, who decide what is right and what is wrong." — Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr.

School is back in session, and the stakes are once again high for an ambitious and dedicated student body determined to make a difference at their prestigious East Coast law school.

Based on the 1973 film The Paper Chase, the TV series features John Houseman (who won an Academy Award® for his portrayal in the original film) as Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr. — the almighty voice of law and order on the Ivy League campus. He presides over second-year student James T. Hart (James Stephens) and a class of driven, intelligent and morally aware students who always seem to rise through the pressures of life and law in the pursuit of truth and justice.

The series originally aired on CBS from 1978–1979 and was subsequently picked up by cable channel Showtime in 1983, with Houseman and Stephens reprising their roles along with much of the original cast. The complex and thoughtful show was given more latitude on Showtime and continued another three seasons on the network to much acclaim.

*Four of the original Showtime episodes could not be sourced. Edited masters were used in their place.

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Paper Chase: Outline Fever
2 The Paper Chase: Birthday Party
3 The Paper Chase: Spreading It Thin
4 The Paper Chase: Cinderella
5 The Paper Chase: Commitments
6 The Paper Chase: Plague Of Locusts
7 The Paper Chase: Snow
8 The Paper Chase: Mrs. Hart
9 The Paper Chase: Tempest In A Pothole
10 The Paper Chase: Labor Of Love
11 The Paper Chase: Burden Of Proof
12 The Paper Chase: War Of The Wonks
13 The Paper Chase: Limits
14 The Paper Chase: Hart Goes Home
15 The Paper Chase: Judgement Day
16 The Paper Chase: My Dinner With Kingsfield
17 The Paper Chase: The Advocates
18 The Paper Chase: Not Prince Hamlet
19 The Paper Chase: Billy Pierce
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The Paper Chase: Season Two

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Betty Harford Actor
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James Keane Actor
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