The Rebel: Season Two

Released: November 17, 2015 • Available in US & Canada
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Johnny Yuma saddles up for 40 more thrilling adventures in The Rebel: Season 2!

Finally available in a fully authorized, rip-roaring collection, The Rebel rides into your living room on DVD!

The Rebel follows the exploits of former Confederate soldier Johnny Yuma. Haunted by his experiences in the Civil War, and obsessed with chronicling his adventures in his journal, the young and intense Yuma wanders the West in search of causes to champion, wrongs to be righted… and his own inner peace. With both a revolver and a double-barreled shotgun at the ready, Yuma is more than a match for anyone who crosses his path!

Featuring the legendary theme song, this officially authorized collection of The Rebel's second and final season is a true treat for Western fans both young and old.


Bonus Features

  • Looking Back At The Rebel With Series Writer And Producer A.J. Fenady
  • Nick Adams Remembered: An Interview With Allyson And Jeb Adams
  • Pilot For A.J. Fenady’s Proposed Companion Series, The Yank
  • Commercials Featuring Nick Adams
  • Production Stills Gallery

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Episode Episode Title
1 The Rebel: Johnny Yuma At Appomattox
2 The Rebel: The Bequest
3 The Rebel: The Champ
4 The Rebel: The Waiting
5 The Rebel: To See The Elephant
6 The Rebel: Deathwatch
7 The Rebel: Run, Killer, Run
8 The Rebel: The Hunted
9 The Rebel: The Legacy
10 The Rebel: Don Gringo
11 The Rebel: Explosion
12 The Rebel: Vindication
13 The Rebel: The Scalp Hunter
14 The Rebel: Berserk
15 The Rebel: The Hope Chest
16 The Rebel: The Liberators
17 The Rebel: The Guard
18 The Rebel: The Promise
19 The Rebel: Jerkwater
20 The Rebel: Paperback Hero
21 The Rebel: The Actress
22 The Rebel: The Threat
23 The Rebel: The Road To Jericho
24 The Rebel: The Last Drink
25 The Rebel: The Burying Of Sammy Hart
26 The Rebel: The Pit
27 The Rebel: Shriek Of Silence
28 The Rebel: Two Weeks
29 The Rebel: Miz Purdy
30 The Rebel: The Ballad Of Danny Brown
31 The Rebel: The Proxy
32 The Rebel: Decision At Sweetwater
33 The Rebel: Helping Hand
34 The Rebel: The Uncourageous
35 The Rebel: Mission-Varina
36 The Rebel: The Calley Kid
37 The Rebel: Ben White
38 The Rebel: The Found
39 The Rebel: The Hostage
40 The Rebel: The Executioner
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The Rebel: Season Two

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