thirtysomething: season one

Released: August 25, 2009 • Available in US & Canada
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In 1987 we were introduced to a group of couples, of friends... "thirtysomethings." A dream cast of characters that from the very first episode resonated with a nation of people who knew these people all too well. Michael (Ken Olin, Brothers And Sisters) and Hope Steadman (Mel Harris), the suburban "new-parent" poster children; Elliot (Timothy Busfield, The West Wing) and Nancy Weston (Patricia Wettig, Brothers And Sisters), a couple whose marriage is falling apart; Gary Shepard (Peter Horton, In Treatment), the perpetually "twenty something" thirtysomething; Melissa Steadman (Melanie Mayron), Michael's cousin and a struggling artist; and EllynWarren (Polly Draper), the driven but restless career-chaser. Created by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick.


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thirtysomething: season one

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